1. Apex37

    Inspiration Photos from Recent Trip

    Thought I’d share some recent photos from our trip out to Palo Duro Canyon, TX - America’s 2nd largest canyon. It was such a pleasure getting to see all the one seed junipers, RMJ’s, alligator junipers, and red berry junipers. Old old trees. I’ve only seen more impressive ones at Black Canyon of...
  2. CheleJess1021

    Bought a juniper from a street vendor...How can I fix this mistake

    I just bought this potted juniper from a street vendor to celebrate our marriage (Wed Oct 21st). He told me to only water once every two days lightly. From what I've read on y'alls beautiful forum is that is wrong and I should water it much more. Can anyone add to this? The soil looks good...
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