1. Rivian

    Variegated Horse Chestnut

    I found a variegated horse chestnut branch in a hedge. Probably only a 20cm section, maybe 4 or 5 leaves. No pics since I never have my phone with me. I guess I'll add one from the interwebz Just googled it and there already exists Aesculus hippocastanum 'variegata' But I think I still want to...
  2. Perrywinkle

    Wrightia religiosa variegata (and thoughts on variegated bonsai in general)

    Hello everyone. I was browsing online for tips on growing wrightia and I stumbled upon a rather impressive variegated form of Wrightia religiosa from Top Tropicals. Of course I instantly wondered whether this would make a good bonsai. It seems like just the new growth is white. Methinks it...
  3. AlanReynolds

    Variegated Juniper Progression Pictures

    I'm just posting these pictures as a kind of a progression log for this tree. You guys are more than welcome to come take a look also.
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