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  1. Trojan Phil

    ISO Ficus and Coral Bark Maple

    Recently experienced a setback, so looking for seedlings and pre-bonsai (of everything!), but 2 things I want to play with: Ficus Retusa - pre-bonsai, up to 10" ish Coral Bark Maple - anything you have. Let me know what you have, what you want for it, and thank you for anything else you may...
  2. Rivian

    Just my short notes on interesting azaleas (with pictures)

    When I find some azaleas, mostly satsuki cultivars, that I think I might want to add to my collection, I will post notes on them here. Probably usually a picture I found on the internet and what I like about it or some of the info given with the images. As a beginner, who does not speak...
  3. D

    *Canada* Help! - Japanese Maple For Sale?

    First post here! Does anyone know where I can source Japanese Maples in Canada w/ Purchase online? I see the USA has lot's of vendors like MR.Maple; Eastern Leaf; etc. I'm located in British Columbia and not sure how to import. If anyone will point me in the right direction I'd appreciate...
  4. Rivian

    [EU/Germany] Korean hornbeam - Carpinus turczaninowii var. coreana

    I would like to buy for <100 EURO one or multiple Korean hornbeams šŸ˜Ž
  5. Rivian

    [EU/Germany] Acer palmatum Beni Chidori

    If you know where to buy this cultivar please post it in this thread. Doesnt matter if grafted. Not interested in trained trees that cost hundreds of euros.
  6. Rivian

    [EU/Germany] affordable Carpinus orientalis

    Looking to buy oriental hornbeam Carpinus orientalis online but dont know where. And does someone know how old this species gets? Didnt find anything about that.
  7. NateDav

    Want chojubi and berberis.

    Hello all, Looking for decent starter, pre-bonsai, or initially styled chojubi or berberis material with character. I like to develop into shohin and chuhin. Not looking to spend a fortune but if the material is good will pay a fair price. Been looking for a while and haven't come across much...
  8. BeebsBonsai

    Seedlings/Saplings for little cost (I will pay shipping)

    Hello everyone, I am posting here as someone who has a very small bonsai collection, all of which are still in the developmental stage, and am looking to broaden my collection with some very young starters that I can work all the way up to mature trees over the course of my life...
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