1. Apex37

    Unseasonably Warm Weather

    Here in N. Texas winter is weird, but honestly can’t say I remember seeing too many 80+ degree days in the middle of January. Yesterday was 83, today 84 for the high. Lots of fluctuating between cool and warmer weather. Keeping trees dormant is my main goal. I’m wondering if it would serve me...
  2. J

    Did I let my Ficus get too Cold?

    Hey Y'all, A couple of days ago, the sun was out, the birds were singing, so I thought it would be a good idea to water my "Tiger Bark" (we think) ficus outside. Mind you, it was about 52F, and I had remembered reading somewhere about "above 50F" (oops. should have researched more) was safe for...
  3. KLefty

    Arizona Bonsai

    Hello. I'm new to bonsai. I picked up a couple trees, repotted them, but haven't worked with them much yet. One is a Japanese Boxwood. Ya see, Arizona summers are hot and dry. Winters can be cold and wet. I know that dudicious trees are supposed to be outside to go through the natural cycle of...
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