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  1. J


    I recently moved into a new home and the last owners left this tiny jade behind, im not a plant person whatsoever and i know nothing about bonsai's, but i really dont want it to die. I have some questions and i would love some answers -when should i water it? -how much water should i give it...
  2. L

    Help. What to do with my bonsais.

    Helpp! My 2 bonsais have always been beautifully green, well maintained and pruned. They are always kept outside under a small canopy in the partial sun and in the winter they are kept in the garage. However, recently the needles have started to turn completely orange and the bark is peeling...
  3. JuniperSol

    Tall Escambron Styling - Literati? Informal Upright?

    So I recently purchased this rather large Escambron that was collected from Puerto Rico about 8+ years ago from a gentleman in Florida. I do really like it (even if it doesn't follow the rules of Bonsai all the way), but could use some styling advice. I have gone ahead and started on some of the...
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