white pine

  1. raffaelbaer

    Further development on my japanese white pine

    Hi together, Just today I repotted my japanese white pine into its new pot! However I wanted to get some advice from you guys, I would really like to give the tree a more fuller and mature appearance, how could it become bushier with bigger and denser growth? Also could one of you Imagine how...
  2. gapoy

    White Pine - how do I make her happy?

    Dear white piners, What do you think about this white pine, and how do you think I can make her happy? Positive and negative feedback are welcome. Mabuhi!
  3. D

    Browning needles on recently collected White Pine (assumed)

    Hello, New to Pine Bonsai to the degree that I am not sure about species I collected about 5 weeks ago. I have collected them (yamadori) in Maine and put them in pots in my garden in Boston mid June, 2021. Right now, about 5 weeks later, two of them show some brown needles. Those are pines in...
  4. Maya

    White pine (to small grow this year)

    Hi, my White Pine is imported from Japan. She is about 45 years old. I noticed that new games this year have grown very small. Compared to last year's needles, they stay small enough and don't grow. It's just the beginning of August. it seems to me that this is somehow not normal. What's going...
  5. micahmcgrath

    JWP Nursery Stock

    Recently acquired this JWP 'Glauca' from a local nursery and I am very new to JWP's so I am hoping for some guidance. The tree only ran me about $75, so seemed like a decent buy and I was itching to learn more about the species. I did basic work uncovering the nebari, only working the first 2-3...
  6. BeebsBonsai

    Potential Buds on White Pine Bonsai?

    Hello all, I have a white pine grafted onto a black pine base. I believe the variety I have is Vanderwolf's Pyramid. Apologies if I spelled that wrong. Anyway, I am trying to get this tree to back-bud, as when I bought it last year it was youngish and had that typical lion's tail...
  7. trew22

    Eastern red cedar, W. pine & Norw Spruce Help!

    Hello, i am a newbie to bringing my trees indoors in west michigan during winter. i realized that i have been making Bonsai's for many years, they just have been in the ground their whole life. I potted a prize ERC , White Pine, and Norway Spruce 18 months ago and they are very vibrant!. i...
  8. jriddell88

    Southwestern white pine; strobiformis

    Collected by Alvaro in 2016 . Seemed to be vigorous pushing buds has a pot full of fine rootage , so we smashed it down , rootball will be looked at in the spring and .......... Let it grow
  9. PeaceLoveBonsai

    JWP Project

    I visited the San Diego Bonsai exhibit last month. Good show, I’ll try to post some pix. But in their sales area they had this white pine for sale. It was under $100. They were looking to sell it to someone outside of SD b/c it was in decline. The gal said she had bought it a couple of years ago...
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