1. zezima

    First BRT - General advice, Leaves Wilting, Discolored, losing pigment

    Hey! This is my first bonsai, I purchased it from a nursery about a month ago. I've been reading up and learning as much as I can about BRTs and bonsai in general. I'm growing my BRT indoors at a sunny west-facing window as it is my only option since I live in a city. 2 weeks after purchasing...
  2. B

    Chinese plum wilting

    Hello everyone, I have a Chinese sweet plum for almost a year now. It was always healthy and growing out. Recently, the leaves are tuning brown at the end , leaves seemed to be dry and wilting and in general, complete tree is dropping. I added fertilizer 5-7-4.NPK superbly bonsai last week. It...
  3. T

    Help! Chinese Sweet Plum turning brown

    I bought this bonsai from Brussels and it arrived all green and very healthy. I had it sitting indoors by a window and I noticed the leaves at the top in the center were starting to turn very dry. I use the wooden coffee stirrer method to check for moisture and the soil was quite moist so I...
  4. Mrs. O in the wild

    Dying seedlings? Over watering?

    Hello - It looks as though my bonsai seedlings are wilting. I’m going to guess it is from over watering due to the fruit fly like bugs I’ve seen in the soil. I water using a spray bottle to mist them. I was giving 15 sprays a day but have reduced to a handful. I saw online that putting...
  5. Bonsaibillie99

    Tree identification and help!

    Hi there, I am brand new to the bonsai world and recently got my first bonsai tree as a birthday gift. Unfortunately I had to go away and left my housemates minding it and I've now returned to it wilting! Any help identifying the tree type and how to save it would be much appreciated!! Here are...
  6. L

    Silver Wattle wilting

    Hello, today I woke up and noticed my Silver Wattle was kind of wilting, I don't believe its a watering issue since I have not been over watering it. Anyone know what could be the issue? Thanks.
  7. M


    I am new to growing satsuki bonsai, id appreciate knowledge and teaching but please no disrespecting in the thread. I got satsuki starters and got excited and bought a medium sized satsuki to and grow. I repotted the medium satsuki and the next two days it started wilting and the leaves...
  8. O

    Help! Bonsai is dieing :(

    I bought a bonsai for my mom. Lately she has moved its location around I think she may have over watered it once. It is wilting a lot and the leaves are losing their deeper green colouration. Its been with her for about 4 months, but only in the last couple of weeks, has it deteriorated. She...
  9. J

    New Sweet Plum bonsai dropping its leaves

    Hello, I am very, very new to bonsai. I recently purchased a "discount" bonsai (Sweet Plum), which was a whopping $8. It didn't have very many leaves, and most of the leaves were very dark green. But, it did have some new growth with leaves, so I wasn't too concerned. When I brought it home, the...
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