1. NeyensNeuro

    Small windswept shimpaku juniper - initial styling

    Hey folks! I've dabbled in bonsai for about a year, but I'm pretty new to this forum. I bought a tiny shimpaku today and thought that the young, flexible tree would lend itself well to a windswept! My questions are: 1) Which side should be the front? There are two long branches on one side, a...
  2. pdfig

    Please help identify this mystery tree

    Hello fellow bonsai lovers, I have a mystery species it would be great to help identify. This was purchased from Chikugo-en Bonsai Nursery in Gardena, CA in January 2019 (see picture below right after purchase). It was purchased during winter and is deciduous, so no leaves at time of purchase...
  3. Zac chandanais

    Juniper styling assistance

    Hey guys! been a while since I’ve been on but it’s good to be back. The last three years I have been traveling to ND for work 6 months at a time. Long story short, I left my girlfriend in charge of watering my trees and came home to a bunch bacon in pots.... luckily I was (and still very much...
  4. Maloghurst

    Windswept Italian plum progression

    I collected this plum as a weed whacked volunteer from a neighbors plum tree. Italian plum I believe. I saw potential in the old shari. There is really only one front for this tree and I’ve had trouble for months trying to envision a direction including seeking advice on Bnut. I think I’ve...
  5. L

    “Grey Owl” juniper

    The species of this cultivar are disputed although it’s listed as Juniperus virginiana from the nursery trade. Some argue there is chinensis in there. One thing I will say is it doesn’t have all the dreaded qualities of a virginiana. I bought this for $10 at a local hardware store a few months...
  6. ColinFraser

    Leaning Juniper Progression

    I'll lead off with a couple of photos to hook you, and then I'll fill in the gaps ;) May 2016: December 2016: Back in May I acquired this Juniper. It's one of the vigorous varieties of J. chinensis, most likely Prostrata. When I got it, there were a lot of brown tips and dead spots, but it...
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