winged elm

  1. Rodrigo

    Winged Elm - Oak Style

    I purchased a winged elm about 6 months ago that supposedly was a root cutting. This will be a progression of this tree, which I'm trying to style like an old Oak you'd find in the middle of a field. Here is an inspiration of what I'm going for Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures when I...
  2. M

    Winged Elm

    Searching for information on the best ways to winter-over a winged Elm in central New Hampshire.
  3. aml1014

    First winged elm

    Just got this in the mail today, my first winged elm, thank @Stickroot . I really like this tree, it has a 2.7" trunk, 10" to the chop, and is currently 18"tall. It has nice movement in the trunk and the bark is very nice. Just wanted to share my new buy, and start a thread for its progression...
  4. markyscott

    Collected Winged Elm

    I've posted pictures of this elm on a number of different threads. But it's a big boy - thought it deserved a thread of its own. I believe that this is a Winged Elm - Ulmus alata, although it may be a Cedar Elm - Ulmus crassifolia as well. It was dug and chopped by longtime Houston Bonsai...
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