winter care

  1. Tntthunder

    Part of my Taxus is turning brown?

    Basically my Taxus I noticed is turning brown, it's been a pretty cold winter often down to -20c or lower. It's warmed up a little now but still cold (-5 to 5 c.) my tree is on a protected glass balcony and out of the wind with the balcony about 5c warmer than outside. Any thoughts what it...
  2. Apex37

    How to Handle Bareroot Plants/Seedlings in Winter?

    What is the best way to go about handling bareroot plants/seedlings purchased during this time of year? This is for some Zelkova I’m trying out. My plan was to just protect from freezing temps and potting them up all together in a nursery pot with just normal potting soil till spring when I plan...
  3. M

    collected Autrian pines in winter

    I found a lot of austrian pines that were planted like 20yrs ago and some were stunted from growth. its a public lot so i decided to collect the smaller ones so when I got there, the whole lot was flooded and all the trunks had at least 3 inches of water there were a few already yellowing and...
  4. R

    what tree species for winter wiring

    what tree species do you sure in winter. i read junipers are often wired in japan over winter. what are your experiences? its early winter here with temps 40-low 60s. (11b)
  5. pandacular

    panda’s over winter beds

    After some study of options for wintering over my trees, I decided that the best option for my garden situation was to use some raised planter beds that I already have to heel in my trees. After some discussion with @Maiden69 , I decided to use pumice as the bedding material, as I plan to have...
  6. J

    Seeking advice for (dying?) ficus

    Hi everyone, I've had this ficus for little over two years and it has always been full of vigor and healthy leaves until I moved it inside for this winter. It almost immediately started to drop leaves and has done so for the past 3 weeks. At first the leaves just dropped, but lately the leaves...
  7. J

    Winter Watering?

    I have some tridents and JMs and elms. I plan to put them in the ground. I will be away for 2 months, mid-December to mid-Feb. Would there be any need for watering in that time span, or can they be fine without any care? I live in Zone 6. Thanks.
  8. L

    First year with wisteria, would love some advice.

    This Is my first year with this yamadori wisteria that I collected in the spring. It has grown very well over the spring and summer. We are about to get our first frost this week. And I know that in the ground they can withstand the cold. Just wondering if it should be ok in the pot as well...
  9. Tntthunder

    Juniper branches died over winter, Why?

    So mid autumn I wired up my first trees. Two junipers that I bought at a nursery. They then spent most of the winter ranging from -3 to -22 Celcius buried under snow on my apartments balcony as I protected them from the wind as best as possible One juniper I wired 3/4 branches, the other I...
  10. K

    Trident Maple hasn't dropped its leaves yet

    Hello all. I'm a newbie and this is my first post. My trident maple has not dropped its leaves, even though we've had below freezing temps. Is this something to be concerned about? And I was wondering if I should put it in my attic, which has temps in the high 50s/low 60s, instead of leaving...
  11. G

    What to do with a (new to me) Old Shimpaku?

    I'm hoping to get some detailed input on how to acclimate a new-to-me Shimpaku that I received as a gift. I'm an absolute noob to bonsai (avid plant lover though) and this is a beautiful tree that I really want to see thrive. I've been on the fence about when to get started and wouldn't have...
  12. N

    Satsuki Azalea - Wintering Advice

    Hello all! I am fairly new to bonsai, having been entrusted with a Satsuki azalea after my grandmother's funeral in April. Winter is coming so I thought I ought to make an account and ask for wintering advice, as internet searching hasn't yielded a clear answer. Winters here can be very cold...
  13. D

    9 Month Old Flame Tree - Winter Care

    Hello, Last Christmas I received one of the standard Bonsai starter kits including a Delonix Regia (Flame Tree). Obviously this is not ideal for a total newbie in Pittsburgh, but I was thrilled to finally get one of the seeds to germinate last Spring and have been able to keep it alive...
  14. B

    Purchasing bare-root seedlings in winter

    Hello I was thinking of buying some bare-root trident maple seedlings. The problem is that they ship immediately and I live in zone 6B where it can remain cold for a while. Is there any way I can protect the seedlings in the mean time? I was hoping to plant them in the ground this year, but I...
  15. B

    Buddhist Pine (Podocarpus macrophylla): Winter indoors

    Hey, I need your advice on Buddhist Pines. They are often sold as indoor bonsais here, which can be outdoors if warm enough. However, it seems to be recommended to place them at cold place (e.g. 10°C) in winter with lots of light. I am wondering whether it is ok to have them at a normal indoor...
  16. Apex37

    Leaves Starting to Change on Crepe Myrtle. Time to Bring in?

    First year in bonsai so still learning and this will be my first winter. I know on all my other tropicals I need to start bringing them in once it starts dipping below 50. My crepe myrtle being sub-tropical, I assume to treat the same. The leaves are already starting to change pigments and...
  17. D

    Newbie, confused about bonsai fertilization especially during winter times

    Hi 👋 I’m new to the bonsai growing and recently I was gifted with couple of bonsai trees. Searching online I have found one of them is deciduous, one of them is coniferous and other two are tropical indoor. One of my friends suggested to use fertilizer to keep them healthy state. With little...
  18. JBP_85

    Watering Garage Stored Trees in Winter

    Hi Everyone, I have my trees (Trident Maples, Bald Cypress, Dawn Redwood, Eastern Red Cedar) in my unheated garage at the moment due to the snow and sleet we've been having here in Northern Va. Nighttime temps over the next few days will dip down into the low 20s. I moved the trees into a...
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