winter dormancy

  1. Barbells and bonsai

    Possibly dead BC

    Hello, hoping for some advice or even just a diagnosis. I collected two Bald Cypress trees this season. The first tree seems to be doing okay but the larger one I am worried about. It was recommended to me that I not water every day since this can cause root rot. I tried this tactic but the...
  2. T

    How long can I bring my tree inside for in winter?

    Basically I wanna bring my tree in to work on it, but I don't know if it will affect the dormancy, is there a time limit? is it something I shouldn't do? etc. I only have a heated apartment, no unheated garage, with my trees being on my glazed balcony.
  3. B

    Would my Chinese elm do well indoors during summer and outdoors during winter?

    I have bought a Chinese Elm last year and put it outside on the balcony since then. It seems to be doing well and it is now growing new leaves. Would it be a problem to bring my bonsai inside during the growing season? I find it more aesthetically pleasing to watch my bonsai on the window sill...
  4. Apex37

    Unseasonably Warm Weather

    Here in N. Texas winter is weird, but honestly can’t say I remember seeing too many 80+ degree days in the middle of January. Yesterday was 83, today 84 for the high. Lots of fluctuating between cool and warmer weather. Keeping trees dormant is my main goal. I’m wondering if it would serve me...
  5. Apex37

    Using Lime Sulfur as Dormant Spray on Broadleaf Evergreens

    Anyone know if it is safe to use diluted lime sulfur as a dormancy spray on broadleaf evergreens? I know they’re safe to use on conifers and deciduous trees after leaf fall, just wasn’t sure if it can be used for my boxwoods, hollies, and pyracanthas.
  6. D

    9 Month Old Flame Tree - Winter Care

    Hello, Last Christmas I received one of the standard Bonsai starter kits including a Delonix Regia (Flame Tree). Obviously this is not ideal for a total newbie in Pittsburgh, but I was thrilled to finally get one of the seeds to germinate last Spring and have been able to keep it alive...
  7. J

    Should I introduce my chinese elm to cold weather?

    Hi guys! i’m sorry if this topic has been covered a lot already but i need some very specific advice regarding my chinese elm. im in NJ zone 7A, and had them outside all summer. toward the end of summer i brought them inside and they have been in front of my window since. i’ve decided i want to...
  8. D

    Newbie, confused about bonsai fertilization especially during winter times

    Hi 👋 I’m new to the bonsai growing and recently I was gifted with couple of bonsai trees. Searching online I have found one of them is deciduous, one of them is coniferous and other two are tropical indoor. One of my friends suggested to use fertilizer to keep them healthy state. With little...
  9. C

    Moving to Hawaii

    Hello! I’m pretty new to bonsai and started up the hobby a little over a year ago in Los Angeles, CA. My partner and I are now planning to move to Hawaii early next year. I have several deciduous tress (Japanese, trident maples and dawn redwood bonsai). Seeing that Hawaii doesn’t have a winter...
  10. Perrywinkle

    Oak not breaking dormancy?

    Hello everyone. I have a Georgia Oak (Quercus georgiana) bonsai that has yet to break winter dormancy and Spring is in full swing. Just about every other tree has flushed out new leaves, yet my oak is still completely lifeless and I am afraid that it might have somehow died during winter. I live...
  11. J

    Winter Bonsai Care Tips

    I have a question about my Juniper in winter. So I currently have out in un heated sun room on porch and live in New Jersey(zone 7). This room is usually a couple degrees warmer then outside and gets plenty of sun. My concern is some days it’s 36-40 degrees and today it’s 79 degrees! Is this...
  12. Rivian

    How to wake up small JM in Winter?

    They have naturally dropped their leaves and I would like to make them leaf out asap. I hear maples need 6 weeks of having no leaves, or something like that. If I just take them indoors when December has arrived, and supplement with a growing light, might that wake them up healthily?
  13. S

    Wind Protection - Apartment Balcony

    Just moved to a 15th floor apartment with an east facing balcony in New York. Would love to add some trees (have my eyes set on a maple) but I am concerned about wind damage and proper wintering. I have been reading these forums for solutions but it looks like most people with similar questions...
  14. electronfusion

    Growing Malus/Prunus In Hotter Zones

    To start off, I like to force things sometimes, even if it means much more effort in the long run. 😅 So rather than asking what I should be trying to grow where I live, I'm only asking advice about the how. I have lots of tropicals that live outside in summer and come inside under grow lights in...
  15. Gsquared

    When to repot in Southern Washington/Northern Oregon?

    I am a recent transplant to the Portland area, and this being my first "real" winter since starting bonsai 20-something years ago. I had lived in San Francisco (where winter often came in July and August) and San Diego (where we never had winter at all), so repotting season started in late Jan...
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