wire for seedlings

  1. Carapace

    When should I heavily bend larch?

    Hello, I have 2 larch saplings that are about the size of pencil, maybe 1.5 pencils. From what I know I should wire them in the autumn so that they can still heal a little bit before winter. I plan on really bending these puppies, I want to make them really gnarly and I was wondering if I should...
  2. BonsaiNaga13

    Aluminum Wire gauge for seedlings?

    I previously bought a "beginner bonsai kit" off Amazon that came with 3 guages of copper wire. I think 1 millimeter 2 mil and 3 mil. Those lasted me about 3 years. This year I have a lot of young seedlings from this years crop that are ready to wire and to save some $ I'm wanting to get some...
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