1. N

    Help with prunus serrulata

    Hi! I am fairly new to bonsai and have started a prunus serrulata from seed. I am looking for some advice on what to do next. I am heading into fall soon, and then winter. During winter I will store outside under cover of snow (I live in Canada BC). It has grown substantially and is over a foot...
  2. A

    Juniper wiring

    First attempt at wiring so go easy on me please 😂 Got this juniper from a local nursery. Any tips & constructive criticism is very welcome! Cheers, Aaron
  3. veles616

    My second "victim"

    This is a small tree i found under my goat willow a few months ago i think it must be a beech or a hornbeam, it's the second tree i decided to try and make a bonsai. I'm trying to learn everything there is to learn but it's very difficult to get proper information and materials where I live, do...
  4. Agriff

    Clip and Grow Appreciation Thread

    I was reading through this thread here about wiring, and it encouraged a debate about clip and grow. I think it would be worthwhile to highlight some of the merits of this bonsai philosophy. Pro-wire folks regard clip and grow as one useful tool in their toolbox, but I'm intrigued by this...
  5. M

    Crepe Myrtle Styling Help

    Ripped out this crepe myrtle earlier in the summer that was unwanted but I have no idea what to do with it. I can’t seem to find any kind of structure fitting for a bonsai. If I just chop off all the top and leave a fat stump I’d be waiting 15 years for a decent sized new leader to come in...
  6. M

    Azalea problem

    Hey guys. I have a satsuki shrub that I’ve been wanting to chop into a bonsai for awhile and I have a general idea as to what shape I’m trying to achieve and everything, but I’m having an issue with timing. I live in zone 9a and people I’ve asked have advised me to not chop until january or...
  7. L

    Blue Spruce: best timing for heavy pruning and wiring

    Hi, completely new to bonsai and to the forum. I recently acquired an untrained Blue Spruce. It's completely packed with thick branches, which I will need to reduce significantly. My questions is, what is the best time of the year to do some heavy pruning and wiring? Right about now at the turn...
  8. M

    New Sakuragata Satsuki, Need Some Help

    Hello friends, Today (May 20) I purchased a Sakuragata Satsuki azalea from Schley’s Bonsai nursery and I need help transforming it into something beautiful. I’m new to azalea bonsai. To begin, when is the best time to drastic prune this piece? Can I begin now (May)? Will duct seal work as...
  9. C

    Wiring and shaping advice

    Hi All, Recently got hooked on bonsai and would love to hear your suggestions on shaping and wiring for this little tree. I also need some help identifying the tree, the tag said Brazilian Rain Tree, but from what I've found online it really doesn't look like one. Thanks Craig
  10. JuniperSol

    Grewia Occidentallis - Wiring Help

    This will be my first time wiring my bonsai. I have read about the correct materials to use, but I am unsure where to start wiring and clean up my little tree. I would like to note I am also planning to repot on the same day as this is a hardy plant. Any advice would be awesome and I am planning...
  11. J

    How does my wiring look?

    Hey guys, This is the first tree I've ever wired. It's a Ficus sp. I've grown from a cutting for about a year. This was mostly just for practice, but I wanted to see what others thought of my job, and any tips/advice they may be able to give me. I wasn't really sure how old the tree should be...
  12. Deep Sea Diver

    Hanging at the Pacific Bonsai Museum

    Deep Sea Diver here. Since I’ve been volunteering at the Pacific Bonsai Museum for the better part of a year, I figured that I’d post some of the jobs the volunteers do over this year to give folks what goes on behind the scenes at the Museum. Some of you have seen my first job, debarking a...
  13. P

    Step by step help please!

    Hi all! I got a bonsai kit for a fun project for the family as my mother-in-law had mentioned bonsai and my husband expressed interest. It turns out I’m totally addicted to these little sprouts. I had some hiccups with about half my seeds, which I looked up solutions, retried and 2 of the 4...
  14. BarkLeafTrees

    Cork Bark Oak

    Hi fellow Nuts! I live in the U.K. and have purchased a raw material Cork Bark Oak. I’d love to hear your thoughts and possible styling ideas, I have one thing in mind but would like some other opinions. I’m itching to work on it but would it not be a good time to wire the tree? As it would...
  15. Bonsai Noodles

    When to use guy wiring vs. regular wiring techniques?

    I don't think I see as much documentation about how to "guy wire" trees, and I think it's because the technique is on the more advanced side of things. So when should you use guy wiring techniques vs. regular wiring techniques? My impression is that you should use guy wires when the branches are...
  16. Clicio

    What happens if one wires the branch in a way that all leaves are upside down?

    Title says it all. When a tree is not a conifer, will the leaves eventually turn their top side up to reach for the light by themselves? I am trying NOT to twist the wire alongside the lenght of those branches.
  17. DonovanC

    Juniper wiring tips? Guidelines? Rules of thumb? Personal spins?

    I’m pretty much new to wiring junipers... I mean I’ve done it, but I’ve never really known what I’m doing. And I’ve really only started taking the practice more seriously this year. I have a number of cuttings from the last 2 years and a few of them have grown enough to start working on - or at...
  18. JLee9706

    Changing Wire

    Hello. I recently went to a class and started up in two bonsai. I was wondering if anyone had tips on when to rewire. What should I be looking out for? I don’t plan on repotting these until about January. Will be picking up more from the nursery this weekend for more practice. Thanks.
  19. L

    Cracked Trunk while Wiring

    Hey I’m brand new to bonsai and I tried to wire the main trunk and it ended up cracking. Do you think this will heal? Also what type of bonsai is it?
  20. S

    Help this Bonsai amateur!!

    Hello everyone! I got a bonsai tree as a gift couple of months ago and since then I haven't done much besides watering it, and even that I'm not sure if I'm doing right, since the lady at the shop told my cousin that you should pour some water into the container in which the pot is placed and...
  21. Clicio

    Is always a complete wiring mandatory?

    I was wiring just the apex of a cascade JRP, and one of the guys around (Japanese) said "you have to wire the whole tree, even if it doesn't need it. If you wire only a couple of branches, the chance the whole tree stops growing trying to heal those branches are great; and the chance that only...
  22. syon_r

    Drilling Extra Drainage Holes in Pot

    I just received this awesome Thor Holvila bonsai pot in the mail, but it only has one tiny drainage hole. I don’t have pictures yet, but you can see the hole in the second to last picture here: http://thorholvila.tictail.com/product/palm-size-1708-13-xxx. It would offer barely any drainage and I...
  23. M

    Juniper Bonsai

    Hello! I am new to Bonsai, and i just bought this juniper! It came with this pot, and i know i have to re pot it because of the sticking-out baby roots. After that, i'll wait a month to fertilize it with 10:10:10 solution because of the summer coming. It is about 3 years old, do you guys...
  24. OrganicSeasonal

    Wiring a JBP sapling that's already planted in nursery pot?

    Pipsqueak #1 by OrganicSeasonal posted Mar 14, 2017 at 3:47 PMPipsqueak #2 by OrganicSeasonal posted Mar 14, 2017 at 3:47 PMWire by OrganicSeasonal posted Mar 14, 2017 at 3:47 PMHello bonsai buddies. BonsaiNut told me to shape my JBP saplings or else I'll be growing telephone poles... Firstly I...
  25. ColinFraser

    Leaning Juniper Progression

    I'll lead off with a couple of photos to hook you, and then I'll fill in the gaps ;) May 2016: December 2016: Back in May I acquired this Juniper. It's one of the vigorous varieties of J. chinensis, most likely Prostrata. When I got it, there were a lot of brown tips and dead spots, but it...
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