1. B

    Cork Bark Oak

    Hi fellow Nuts! I live in the U.K. and have purchased a raw material Cork Bark Oak. I’d love to hear your thoughts and possible styling ideas, I have one thing in mind but would like some other opinions. I’m itching to work on it but would it not be a good time to wire the tree? As it would...
  2. Bonsai Noodles

    When to use guy wiring vs. regular wiring techniques?

    I don't think I see as much documentation about how to "guy wire" trees, and I think it's because the technique is on the more advanced side of things. So when should you use guy wiring techniques vs. regular wiring techniques? My impression is that you should use guy wires when the branches are...
  3. Clicio

    What happens if one wires the branch in a way that all leaves are upside down?

    Title says it all. When a tree is not a conifer, will the leaves eventually turn their top side up to reach for the light by themselves? I am trying NOT to twist the wire alongside the lenght of those branches.
  4. DonovanC

    Juniper wiring tips? Guidelines? Rules of thumb? Personal spins?

    I’m pretty much new to wiring junipers... I mean I’ve done it, but I’ve never really known what I’m doing. And I’ve really only started taking the practice more seriously this year. I have a number of cuttings from the last 2 years and a few of them have grown enough to start working on - or at...
  5. JLee9706

    Changing Wire

    Hello. I recently went to a class and started up in two bonsai. I was wondering if anyone had tips on when to rewire. What should I be looking out for? I don’t plan on repotting these until about January. Will be picking up more from the nursery this weekend for more practice. Thanks.
  6. L

    Cracked Trunk while Wiring

    Hey I’m brand new to bonsai and I tried to wire the main trunk and it ended up cracking. Do you think this will heal? Also what type of bonsai is it?
  7. S

    Help this Bonsai amateur!!

    Hello everyone! I got a bonsai tree as a gift couple of months ago and since then I haven't done much besides watering it, and even that I'm not sure if I'm doing right, since the lady at the shop told my cousin that you should pour some water into the container in which the pot is placed and...
  8. Clicio

    Is always a complete wiring mandatory?

    I was wiring just the apex of a cascade JRP, and one of the guys around (Japanese) said "you have to wire the whole tree, even if it doesn't need it. If you wire only a couple of branches, the chance the whole tree stops growing trying to heal those branches are great; and the chance that only...
  9. syon_r

    Drilling Extra Drainage Holes in Pot

    I just received this awesome Thor Holvila bonsai pot in the mail, but it only has one tiny drainage hole. I don’t have pictures yet, but you can see the hole in the second to last picture here: http://thorholvila.tictail.com/product/palm-size-1708-13-xxx. It would offer barely any drainage and I...
  10. M

    Juniper Bonsai

    Hello! I am new to Bonsai, and i just bought this juniper! It came with this pot, and i know i have to re pot it because of the sticking-out baby roots. After that, i'll wait a month to fertilize it with 10:10:10 solution because of the summer coming. It is about 3 years old, do you guys...
  11. OrganicSeasonal

    Wiring a JBP sapling that's already planted in nursery pot?

    Pipsqueak #1 by OrganicSeasonal posted Mar 14, 2017 at 3:47 PMPipsqueak #2 by OrganicSeasonal posted Mar 14, 2017 at 3:47 PMWire by OrganicSeasonal posted Mar 14, 2017 at 3:47 PMHello bonsai buddies. BonsaiNut told me to shape my JBP saplings or else I'll be growing telephone poles... Firstly I...
  12. ColinFraser

    Leaning Juniper Progression

    I'll lead off with a couple of photos to hook you, and then I'll fill in the gaps ;) May 2016: December 2016: Back in May I acquired this Juniper. It's one of the vigorous varieties of J. chinensis, most likely Prostrata. When I got it, there were a lot of brown tips and dead spots, but it...
  13. M

    English boxwood

    I purchased an english boxwood from homedepot today. I figured it would be a good chance to practice some pruning and wiring techniques and I won't be too upset if I end up killing it or it looks terrible, but you have to start somewhere. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Repot...
  14. M

    Pruning/wiring ideas?

    Went to home depot today and bought a alberta spruce. It cost about $9. I began to prune and thin it out a bit but not sure where to go from here. I figured it would be a good chance to practice some pruning and wiring techniques and I won't be too upset if I end up killing it or it looks...
  15. Boise_Guy

    Tree Identification

    Anyone know what species this is? It was collected by someone in our local Bonsai Society years ago and has changed hands a couple times now. Also, ideas on pinching and/or pruning so that I can try to prevent this browning on the inner growth? Thanks for any advice in advance. - Boise_Guy
  16. ColinFraser


  17. ColinFraser

    First Foemina

    Yes, a confirmed foemina sighting! Man, they are sharp little buggers! This is my first - just having some fun and practice with it. I forgot to do a proper "before" picture, but I remembered to snap one before the top came off at least . . .
  18. MAbro515

    New bonsai help

    Hey guys! So first time bonsai guy here looking for some tips on care for my Japanese juniper bonsai. I was given a bonsai starter it for christmas year and Im super excited. So I repotted it when I first got it on christmas then again just today because there was a large amount of roots showing...
  19. V

    Monterey Pine Pruning/Wiring

    New to the forums and beginning to expand my Bonsai collection/knowledge and hoping to get some advice. I picked up a 5 Gallon "Christmas Tree" - Monterey Pine (Pinus Radiata) from the local OSH (Nursery) and re-potted in a 15ish gallon container with a mixture of pebbles, pine bark, sphagnum...
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