1. jbhampton31

    New to me juniper work today

    I am not sure what species of juniper chinensis this is... If anyone knows please tell me. Here are before and after photos of the repot and wiring I did today on this tree, I made few mistakes on the wiring but I am not great at wiring yet and especially with copper. I may consider turning this...
  2. Troutnut

    How’s this for a first wiring? And other styling advice

    To fuel my plant frenzy I got a cheap hinoki and pruned and wired it aggressively last week. Last check, she took well and is growing just as vibrantly as before. How’s it look? More important than my first wiring attempt: would anyone care to share some of their favorite bonsai photo books...
  3. R

    what tree species for winter wiring

    what tree species do you sure in winter. i read junipers are often wired in japan over winter. what are your experiences? its early winter here with temps 40-low 60s. (11b)
  4. Apex37

    Wiring Question - Did I doom these branches?

    I’m still fairly new to wiring, even more so with using copper wire. I just did my first major wiring job on a shimpaku juniper I’ve had for a bit. Are these branches doomed? What can I do in the future to avoid this happening?
  5. Tntthunder

    How to bend bonsai properly?

    So I think I've got wiring down pretty well, it's neat, it's not tight, not loose, I am doing the two branch/slingshot method, no crossing wire etc. I feel it's going great. However when it gets to the bending part I am struggling a lot and lacking a lot of skill. When I bend the wire loosens...
  6. SmallTreeGuy

    Help styling Juniper with beautiful trunk

    Hello everyone! I’m in Texas, zone 8a. I’ve had this Parson’s juniper for about 2 years I I’ve let it recover for a couple of growing seasons, as I had given it a few pretty good insults since I bought it from nursery stock. (ie. changing potting angle, working roots and getting the king whips...
  7. J

    Removing embedded wire off non bonsai tree

    Hello all, Basically, last year, I decided to wire my 2 pear trees (bartlett and D'Anjou if it matters) as well as an arborvitae. I waited too long and now the wire is embedded. Even with my bonsai wire cutters, I will not be able to remove the wire without doing some moderate damage to the...
  8. Tntthunder

    Help me with my wiring? Advice with design?

    So I recently went to my first workshop and it was great, I learnt a lot and It made me a little more confident with trying to do things alone. However when it comes to wiring I am still not confident in my abilities and I was hoping to get advice on the wiring here? Basically I used a young...
  9. electraus

    What is being doing improperly when the wire stops making contact with the branch?

    Hi everyone, I’ve been directing a decent amount of the time I spend on practicing proper bonsai styling techniques on wiring since last spring. In the fall, I got over my fear of using copper wire and was even able to successfully put a fairly big bend on a ~1/2” nursery juniper trunk. A...
  10. J

    Wiring Pro Tips

    I saw this on YouTube, anyone try this?
  11. S

    First steps to turn this maple into a bonsai

    Planning to make this shohin size but open to suggestions, i have never made a bonsai from pre-bonsai like this and i am curious as what you guys would do such as the first steps and ideas for shaping/wiring.
  12. goth_gardener

    Hardcore bending experiment Boxleaf - hallowing, bracing, and breaking trunk

    Hello! I tried my hand experimenting on this very very stiff boxleaf tree I got from a local nursery, using a technique I’d seen videos of some bonsai teachers and enthusiasts doing. I hollowed out a channel on the back of the trunk to make the tree bendable, laid in copper wire, raffia wrapped...
  13. Y

    First time wiring ever.

    This is my first time ever wiring anything so welcome so criticism and feedback! I’m going for a cascade as it’s my wife’s favorite style of bonsai. Starting to bring that right side down and pruned a big branch on the left. Trimmed down the middle area to get it shorter as it was very leggy so...
  14. O

    Looking for styling advice on this P. Afra I just brought home

    Looking for some ideas on how I can style this P. Afra. It will be my first time doing much in the way of styling but I've done a lot of research over a couple of years and continue to read and learn. Here's a bunch of photos from different angles of the tree. I'm a really big fan of the type of...
  15. E

    How is my wiring?

    Hey, I have finally recently received my first bonsai tree! It is in the middle of summer where I live and I have been giving this hinoki cypress tons of sun. I have received some wire in the mail and have attempted my first wiring. Here’s some images! And before wiring images Here. I have also...
  16. S

    Starter trees

    I am new to bonsai and just bought a couple of trees for potential future bonsai. Both trees are mountain maples and are tall and thin. The trees are going to be planted in bigger pots to thicken the trunks. Do you have any recommendations on wiring them. I have no idea where to start.
  17. A

    Shaping a Nana Juniper

    I have been working with bonsai for about a year and a half, so I am familiar with many of the basic ideas of how to trim and shape trees. However, this last year got away from me with this juniper, these runners kept growing and at first I was going to move this tree into a training pot, but...
  18. JuniperSol

    Tall Escambron Styling - Literati? Informal Upright?

    So I recently purchased this rather large Escambron that was collected from Puerto Rico about 8+ years ago from a gentleman in Florida. I do really like it (even if it doesn't follow the rules of Bonsai all the way), but could use some styling advice. I have gone ahead and started on some of the...
  19. JuniperSol

    Escambron Styling Assistance

    I have this Escambron I recently got from Puerto Rico and could use some advice. I like the general shape of the tree, but I think it could be better. My biggest issue is the main lowest branch as it just seems like a jumbled mess with the primary branch being too long and not bendable. Thoughts...
  20. N

    Help with prunus serrulata

    Hi! I am fairly new to bonsai and have started a prunus serrulata from seed. I am looking for some advice on what to do next. I am heading into fall soon, and then winter. During winter I will store outside under cover of snow (I live in Canada BC). It has grown substantially and is over a foot...
  21. A

    Juniper wiring

    First attempt at wiring so go easy on me please 😂 Got this juniper from a local nursery. Any tips & constructive criticism is very welcome! Cheers, Aaron
  22. veles616

    My second "victim"

    This is a small tree i found under my goat willow a few months ago i think it must be a beech or a hornbeam, it's the second tree i decided to try and make a bonsai. I'm trying to learn everything there is to learn but it's very difficult to get proper information and materials where I live, do...
  23. Agriff

    Clip and Grow Appreciation Thread

    I was reading through this thread here about wiring, and it encouraged a debate about clip and grow. I think it would be worthwhile to highlight some of the merits of this bonsai philosophy. Pro-wire folks regard clip and grow as one useful tool in their toolbox, but I'm intrigued by this...
  24. M

    Crepe Myrtle Styling Help

    Ripped out this crepe myrtle earlier in the summer that was unwanted but I have no idea what to do with it. I can’t seem to find any kind of structure fitting for a bonsai. If I just chop off all the top and leave a fat stump I’d be waiting 15 years for a decent sized new leader to come in...
  25. M

    Azalea problem

    Hey guys. I have a satsuki shrub that I’ve been wanting to chop into a bonsai for awhile and I have a general idea as to what shape I’m trying to achieve and everything, but I’m having an issue with timing. I live in zone 9a and people I’ve asked have advised me to not chop until january or...
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