wisteria sinensis

  1. A

    Alivation's Semi-Cascade Wisteria thread

    Good day everyone! This is going to serve as a thread for me to post my wisteria for me to track it's progress. I got it shortly after the ice storm Uri here in Texas, honestly worried it would die as it had arrived just prior to it hitting and sat in a frozen solid mail box cubicle for about...
  2. A

    Chinese Wisteria, wondering where to train sacrificial branch

    Good morning all! I have a lovely Chinese wisteria (see above) that I’ve been training up rather nicely. I am about to re-wire it to day after letting it grow this spring for the new branches and allowing it to establish a sacrificial branch so that it’ll thicken up the trunk a bit faster. Now I...
  3. A

    Keeping a sacrificial branch for the winter or cut now?

    Good morning all! I have a wisteria bonsai (chinese, gonna be gorgeous and flowering either this coming year or next) that I'm training to be a semi cascade eventually. I'm brand new to bonsai, and this was actually my first tree purchase early this year! I bought it right before Texas got hit...
  4. amatbrewer

    chineese wisteria design ideas?

    I have a Wisteria sinensis ,Chinese wisteria, that I started from seed (don't recall exactly when maybe 5-8 years ago) and am looking for some development ideas. It is very two dimensional with very little front/back movement in the trunk and only the one back branch. It does not seem to...
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