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  1. B

    Collected western larch (Larix occidentalis) from north Idaho

    Hi B-Nutters, I haven't seen too much about western larch (Larix occidentalis) and bonsai culture online (although the little I have seen here has been helpful), so I thought I'd add my experience here. It's been a couple years since I collected this western larch, which is now budding out, so...
  2. Barbells and bonsai

    Bald Cypress yamadori

    Hello again from South Florida, I collected a bald cypress today from swamp property a friend owns. I’m new to bonsai and only have one other tree so far, a black olive. I watched videos regarding repotting after wild collection and tried to follow their examples. My soil is a mix of 80/20...
  3. M

    collected Autrian pines in winter

    I found a lot of austrian pines that were planted like 20yrs ago and some were stunted from growth. its a public lot so i decided to collect the smaller ones so when I got there, the whole lot was flooded and all the trunks had at least 3 inches of water there were a few already yellowing and...
  4. electraus

    Can anyone help me ID this pine tree?

    Found this and several other great potential subjects on my new property in the foothills of the Sierra nevadas in California, near Sequoia national park. It looks a little big for bonsai. At least much bigger than anything I’m used to, but I also can’t get over how great the trunk movement and...
  5. SmallTreeGuy

    Beautiful large Yamadori Oak… possibly not a failure?

    Hey all, So, a month and a half ago, I was given the opportunity from a friend in the construction business to collect some trees from an area that was being closed off and cleared, next to a neighborhood in South Dallas. He knows I like to collect trees and practice bonsai, so he told me that...
  6. SmallTreeGuy

    Does the Cambium regenerate?

    Ok, so I have a basic horticultural question. It does apply to one of my recent collections of a Crape Myrtle. I took out a CM from my yard and have cut the rootball into 4 sections. They are currently wired in planter boxes and it’s just a waiting game now for buds to start popping. However...
  7. J


    Hi everyone some help pleAse if possible iv got a hornbeam and an oak tree I can collect before there’s a new shed put there In there place. both have been lobed in the summer and both are alive, Iv been told to maybe leave the hornbeam in my house inside a black bag near a window if possible...
  8. TwilightTrees

    Trunk chopping in Fall- vs Spring Yamadori

    I have been doing a lot of yamadori, but I usually always keep a few branches and leaves or buds. However since I now wish larger trees, I was wondering if it was possible to do a trunk chop low down near the base of the trunk?, so I just dig up a stump (on deciduous trees only). I hear it is...
  9. C

    Last years collected Lilac. Where to go from here?

    I collected this Lilac tree from my garden last year in March, all of the branches that you can see grew over the last Summer. What should my next steps be now?
  10. LunaticTree

    Acer platanoides Yamadori

    Collected this one last year, so far it is doing pretty nice and you can already see all the new Buds growing! I am not sure yet what to do with this weird twisted double trunk, thinking to get rid of one of them or make a Jin out of it. WIll have to see which one looks better and which one...
  11. A

    Yamadori Beech

    Just collected this yamadori beech. Really easy collect and tons of small fine roots. Kind of in doubt of how i should prune and style this? Any advise? :)
  12. LunaticTree

    Yamadori Construction side collection

    Check thoose out! As a Landscapegardener I regulary come across unwnated Trees and saplings, those two here have ben at a recent constructioin site and have ben dug up before they came with the bulldozer to eliminate whatever was left of the Trees. As you can see they are a little bit "sad"...
  13. M

    Big cuts on a new Yamadori

    Hi, I have recently collected this tree (2 days ago, it was now or never) from a forest near my grandads house. I have potted it up in a plastic pot with regular potting soil (all that I have available) and given it a deep watering. In the photos you can see where I have cut the tree in order to...
  14. D

    Browning needles on recently collected White Pine (assumed)

    Hello, New to Pine Bonsai to the degree that I am not sure about species I collected about 5 weeks ago. I have collected them (yamadori) in Maine and put them in pots in my garden in Boston mid June, 2021. Right now, about 5 weeks later, two of them show some brown needles. Those are pines in...
  15. LunaticTree

    Update on Yamadori collection from 2020

    Hello there! Last year in early Spring I was collecting a bunch of different Species from a nearby Forest that recently got choped down entirely. So there was a lot of new Growth going on and so many Beech trees! ObviousIy had Persmission to do so. I was surprised how well they rooted, and all...
  16. J

    Yamadori first time

    So today I collected a plant. I think it’s an elm, but not so sure. Can anyone tell me what it is? Still having a hard thing telling it myself. Advices, opinions regarding the plant are accepted. Tell me whatever you think. I put in a fairly light soil to promote root growth(around 60-70%...
  17. S

    Can I Bring This Olive Back From the Dead?

    Hi bonsai lovers, There’s a huge olive stump/growth at the base of a tree at work. I’ve never seen it with foliage and I’m wondering if it’s even alive. I’ve dug down a bit and found some old roots but there’s some rot on the trunk. Would it be possible to dig it up, saw it off, and get it to...
  18. SU2

    [POLL] BC (and Red Maple) collection/yamadori's this season in the SE USA -- discussion on horticultural-timing of doing the deed!!

    [edited-in: I altered Poll phrasing from "optimal" to "OK", was my mistake - we already know optimal lol - so, "OK" is inherently subjective, for me I'd say it's acceptable to collect when I know I'll be getting a minimum of 4/5 success rate, whereas waiting to 'optimal' is more of a 19/20...
  19. Trenthany

    Tree ID please. Google isn’t helping.

    It’s in my yard and spreads easily. Looks 100 yrs old in less than 20. I thought it was a wild plum but now I’m thinking crabapple maybe. Let me know what you think! I’m in southwest FL for reference on location. Either way if it has decent roots I’m tempted to collect at least one. I have several.
  20. Big Country Bonsai

    First time collecting oneseed juniper

    I went out scouting for Ashe juniper earlier this week and to my surprise I ran across a stand of oneseed junipers! This is in Taylor county, Texas. East of where I though their range extended. The foliage and bark was different and every berry I examined only has one seed. Give me your opinion...
  21. nmilewski

    Collected Privet advice and feedback

    Hey all, I collected this privet from my brother's property this morning, and I'm really excited about it. I'm almost 2 years into taking bonsai seriously and have collected many trees. Most survive. I'm learning a lot about styling but think this is my best material collected and don't want...
  22. Big Country Bonsai

    Texas Juniper Yamadori

    So I’ve been doing some collecting this year and I have found some nice Ashe junipers that I have my eye on. I have gotten a few out and can hopefully get a couple more into pots before the collecting season is over. Here are a couple I plan to eventually collect. Let me know which ones you...
  23. Big Country Bonsai

    Would you say this trunk is twisted?

    Potential yamadori subjects. I’m after twisted trunks and I am wondering if you all think either of these trees would qualify as twisted trunks.
  24. fucious70

    Yamadori (Urbandori) Pine

    I live in Southern California. I was fortunate to come across an add of a person asking if anyone wanted the pine in the picture for free. I jumped on the opportunity to practice. First, does anyone know what type of pine this is? Second, please any direction on how to do this properly is...
  25. Fl_bonsai

    Ilex schillings? Yamadori

    This is my first time / post on here so bare with me lol . I have collected this witch I believe to be a ilex schillings “vomitoria” . Now my question is how hard can I cut it back to make it manageable ? Can I take basically all the foliage off? As the way it’s grown I feel windswept would be...
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