yamadori timing

  1. Maros

    Maros Bonsai YouTube Channel

    I just tied to join the ranks of BonsaiNut Youtubers. Filmed, edited, and published my first attempt. I would be glad if you find time to watch it and hopefully, someone will find parts of it useful. My new video is dedicated to the aftercare of yamadori trees for bonsai, by using the Black bag...
  2. C

    Northern beech yamadori

    hard day in the woods but hopefully it will be worth it
  3. J


    Hi everyone some help pleAse if possible iv got a hornbeam and an oak tree I can collect before there’s a new shed put there In there place. both have been lobed in the summer and both are alive, Iv been told to maybe leave the hornbeam in my house inside a black bag near a window if possible...
  4. TwilightTrees

    Taxus baccata yamadori timing

    I have a big Taxus baccata in my parents garden. It is very bushy wide and around 2 meter high and with a trunk width approx a feet. My parents might sell their house within a year, but im promised i can dig up the yew before. Is a bit emotional, since the bush was my childhood hide out. Now i...
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