1. IMG_20190223_163216.jpg


    Live oak from the top
  2. IMG_20190223_163205.jpg


    From my yard as seedling. 2 years in small pot. Repotted into bigger pot and some movement added.
  3. Sn0W

    Monster Forsythia

    I was given the opportunity to dig this Forsythia from a garden that was being landscaped and they were tossing everything out. A lot of the stuff had been chucked already but this was left til last because it was such a monster. It was about 8 - 9ft high before I chopped it down. Thinking i may...
  4. petegreg

    11th floor Lonicera & Yew...

    ...from my mother's garden. Yesterday I went to visit my mom and pick up the first half of trees from their winter quartets. ...and decided to dig two trees I've been playing with for some three years. The first one is lonicera, for a clump style. I found this tree some three years ago when...
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