yaupon holly

  1. Melospiza

    Winter blooms of dwarf Serissa and Yaupon Holly

    My dwarf Yaupon holly and dwarf Serissa 'Kyoto' are bringing some cheer during this Arctic cold snap with their snowy, star-like blossoms. Both are in a pre-bonsai stage, and I may try to work on them this coming growing season. The holly is a male, and I have no female companions for him, so no...
  2. D

    Yaupon Holly-refine vs letting it grow, need suggestions.

    Hello fine folks, Just wanted to say a big Hi from Dallas(Zone 9a) I was fortunate enough to find this beauty in walmart today. The trunk caught my eye. When I removed it from the pot, it appears that the roots have filled the pot completely. There was hardly any soil in the pot! Now I'm...
  3. NateDav

    Beginning a fat multi-trunk yaupon holly

    Spring time is here and I was finally able to begin styling this very overgrown and extremely root bound material. I forgot to get pictures of the root work, but I can tell you it was the most intense work I've done in my 12 years of bonsai. The surface was 2 inches of plant debris and muck and...
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