yaupon holly

  1. Apex37

    Nursery Dwarf Yaupon Holly #1

    Picked up this little guy from Lowe's over the weekend. I thought he had an interesting nebari and decent taper. Kinda hard to tell, but it's about 1.5" thick and while normally I'm not a fan, I thought the roots were actually interesting. Still not sure if I should keep them or not. I was...
  2. Melospiza

    Winter blooms of dwarf Serissa and Yaupon Holly

    My dwarf Yaupon holly and dwarf Serissa 'Kyoto' are bringing some cheer during this Arctic cold snap with their snowy, star-like blossoms. Both are in a pre-bonsai stage, and I may try to work on them this coming growing season. The holly is a male, and I have no female companions for him, so no...
  3. D

    Yaupon Holly-refine vs letting it grow, need suggestions.

    Hello fine folks, Just wanted to say a big Hi from Dallas(Zone 9a) I was fortunate enough to find this beauty in walmart today. The trunk caught my eye. When I removed it from the pot, it appears that the roots have filled the pot completely. There was hardly any soil in the pot! Now I'm...
  4. NateDav

    Beginning a fat multi-trunk yaupon holly

    Spring time is here and I was finally able to begin styling this very overgrown and extremely root bound material. I forgot to get pictures of the root work, but I can tell you it was the most intense work I've done in my 12 years of bonsai. The surface was 2 inches of plant debris and muck and...
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