yellow needle tips

  1. Y

    My first hinoki cypress tips are yellowing

    Is this fungal? Yesterday was very hot and I was unable to mist in the afternoon. Is this lack of water? I just bought this from a fellow bonsai nut member and I do not want to lose it!
  2. BeneficialCucumber

    Help with Young Japanese Black Pine Prebonsai

    Hi everyone! My first Japanese Black Pine was delivered yesterday. The tips of the needles are yellowish as you can see in the picture. Is this something to be concerned about? We had some days this week with temperatures below freezing, could this be the culprit? I do not know how the tree was...
  3. M

    Yellowing needles JWP

    Hi guys, Could you please help me and tell em if this is normal? The needles seem to be yellow and browning at the top leaving them bottom green. Only minor so far. it is been quite hot here recently and been in the sun all the time.
  4. L

    Japanese Black Pine browning tips

    Hello all, I have some experience with bonsai, 3-4 years, but no real training. This Black pine was a new addition this winter and recently it's begun having brown tips. I have never had a pine, but from my research they lose their old needles very slowly, but at the same time once they show...
  5. Clicio

    JRP yellowing needle tips

    It's Spring here in South America and some needles of my cascade red pine are turning yellow on the tips. New growth (this year's) is blue/green with no yellowing; but old needles have visibly damaged tips. I have searched online, and at other bonsai forums, but apparently could be from "normal"...
  6. K

    Mugo Update Kelly - Needle Cast? Help please ...

    Greetings all (and specifically Vance). I am a novice and welcome your comments/advice. The following is an update on the Mugo I purchased approx. 2 years ago from a nursery in Ottawa, CA. Based on advice from Vance and others here (thanks), I cut off ~1/4 of the almost completely sand base and...
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