yellow needles on pine

  1. HandyGringo

    Yellowing needles on Mugo pine

    Hey guys, I'm not sure if I should be using the beginner section or the conifer section. I will probably always consider myself a beginner so I tend to gravitate towards here. Let me know if the thread should be somewhere else, please. Some of the older needles on one of my Mugo pines have...
  2. A

    Was repotting a mistake?

    Hi. I have bought my first proper bonsai from a nursery online, from Germany, a Japanese white pine. It took 5 days to receive it in Romania, where I live (both countries are in Europe with similar weather). When I got the pine it was in good condition: I noticed that the soil was very...
  3. PNW_Bonsai

    Black pine loosing needles in June

    My black pine has started dropping some needles. Started around a month ago. Only the inner needles are yellowing and dropping similar to what I’ve seen in the fall, but I did not expect to see this in June. The buds have opened and seem healthy and there is a fair amount of back-budding...
  4. Ali Raza

    Needed Help with the Pine

    Hello Everyone. I am training my pine tree for bonsai. Some of the old needles on the pine began to appear yellow in color. Some of them started to turn brown from the base. The new growth on the pine is growing pretty well. This problem is present only in lower branches of the pine. I was...
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