1. TwilightTrees

    Taxus baccata yamadori timing

    I have a big Taxus baccata in my parents garden. It is very bushy wide and around 2 meter high and with a trunk width approx a feet. My parents might sell their house within a year, but im promised i can dig up the yew before. Is a bit emotional, since the bush was my childhood hide out. Now i...
  2. B

    Large English Yew Material (styling/development suggestions?)

    Hi everyone - fairly long time lurker, first time poster. I’ve been tinkering with nursery stock junipers and cotoneaster for 6 months or so. Reading and learning about bonsai for several years but only recently built up the nerve to have a go. I’m now a bit obsessed. Mostly practising...
  3. Kodama

    Yew - First Initial Styling

    Just recently finished the 1st initial structure styling of this Yew. Here's a before and after. I know it's really basic and needs trimmed and detail wiring but that can wait. Thinking I should let it recover all next year and do repot in 23. It was a learning experience for sure. Definitely...
  4. Rivian

    Big Taxus

    This yew was dug from a hedge in May 2020. There were 3 others but I did not have the option of taking care of them and they perished in a field. It was originally growing in clay, then when I got it it went into the ground in my garden. I put black flower soil around the root(stump)s. As you...
  5. A

    Hard pruning of yew

    Hi there, Just started bonsai, I’ve bought a small yew tree from the local nursery. Hoping to teach myself the basics. Unsure which branches to keep and which to chopping off to get the bonsai style/shape. Was thinking of cutting at the red line but unsure what to do next. Any suggestions/advice...
  6. Apex37

    Yew Soil Mix and Repot

    So I made the mistake repotting my yew in a mix I'm not sure was best. Now I don't know if I should repot in a better mix or wait till next year. I put him in a 33% Akadama, 33% Lava, 20% Pine Bark, 10-15%~ Peat Moss. I should not have added any peat moss and now worried it won't allow for...
  7. parhamr

    Heritage European Yew Refinement

    Please enjoy another progression thread… I bought this male European yew at the BSOP 2017 fall show for $385. It had gone to auction through the Heritage Program after the passing of a man by the name of McDonald. That’s about all I know about the history of the tree, but I guess it may have...
  8. J

    Time Sensitive Collecting

    Hello everyone, I have been developing bonsai for a few years now but only with nursery stock, no yamadori, collecting... Now my aunt's house has gotten quite overgrown the last few years and while looking over the property I noticed a few good candidates for collection. The issue is that this...
  9. Oceanman113

    Style Suggestions on this huge Yew

    I found this Yew tree being discarded by a landscaper. I’ve had it potted for 2 months and it’s doing well, new growth. I took it to experiment and practice drastic bending on, but I’m still a rookie and was curious if anyone had any advice on styles that could work for this Yew. I know it’s...
  10. 20190512_171553.jpg


    Eastern Red Cedar and " a few yews" Mother's Day May 12, 2019
  11. E

    A collected Yew

    The bonsai group that I'm a part of organized a collection trip to a semi-abandoned nursery this weekend. I got myself a yew. Not sure if it is a Taxus cuspidata or Taxus brevifolia, but they were the two planted there 40 years ago so it's one of those. I found this one overgrown with grass and...
  12. P

    Yew make me crazy

    Well it’s been a little over a year since I’ve been active and thankfully life has mostly stopped beating me in the head with a hammer. I’m glad to be able to get back to learning this ancient art. I purchased a yew of unknown variety in the middle of last summer from the local nursery reject...
  13. daudelus

    Recent work on a collected yew (taxus)

    This is a yew I collected from a hedge row about 3 years ago, and this year I decided to do some work on it... this one had much of its foliage strength on one side, so I decided to use the weaker side for dead wood features. This is the tree before starting... I cleaned up the bark a bit...
  14. daudelus

    Yews in autumn

    I wanted to get some opinions on what can be done with yews from September on into autumn (zone 7). I've always done work on them in spring, but I wasn't able to do much this year because of some injuries to my arms. From what I've read, it seems many sources recommend pruning and wiring in...
  15. Quince

    This old Yew

    I was parusing the discount bin at a local nursery when I came upon this old Capitata yew. I was attracted to the sinuous trunk line and nice base. Unfortunately it's in ruff shape. It is completely root bound and the foliage yellowed. No sign if powdery mildew or spider mites. I'm planing to...
  16. Saddler

    Multi trunk Yew B

    I bought this yew last fall with dozens of other trees. $20 I think. I started bare rooting it at 3:00 today and my wife was a little pissed that I didn't look close to being finished at six. I was supposed to make dinner. This was a mildly root bound tree. It was slow going, rake the roots...
  17. Saddler

    Multi trunk Yew B

    I bought this yew last fall with dozens of other trees. $20 I think. I started bare rooting it at 3:00 today and my wife was a little pissed that I didn't look close to being finished at six. I was supposed to make dinner. This was a mildly root bound tree. It was slow going, rake the roots...
  18. anthony burce

    Yew sport question

    Taxus straticca? Irish yew? Anyways.... These guys grow straight up and down. Best way to approach a little sapling like this for future bonsai? I know a lot of people would suggest putting it in the ground and letting it grow and yeah I figured. But any maintenance I should implement to...
  19. Maloghurst

    Pacific Northwest bonsai museum

    I made a really quick stop at the PNW bonsai museum last week and snapped a few pics. Thought I would share them! I exactly ten minutes to see the exhibit so I might be wrong on some Tree names. Hornbeam? Not sure on this one. Japanese maple Japanese Yew Name this one? Flowering of some...
  20. Mike123

    Yew probably shouldn't have done that...

    Bought this yew at the box store, not a good time to do work on them I think,but wanted to practice. Got inspired from Rob C.'s 5 year progression on one of his yews. Took alot of foliage off to see what's doing. Made a jin, and tried to see the tree with in. And that's what I came up...
  21. Houseplantblog

    Spring bonsai problems...

    Hi all, For the first time in a few years I am having real problems bringing my bonsai out of hibernation. The trees have moved around a lot, unfortunately, and I am worried that their current home outside my window is not providing enough light. My trees are 2 Elms, and a Yew. They've been...
  22. Taxus Bacatta - Yew

    Taxus Bacatta - Yew

    Initial styling
  23. Taxus Cuspidata - Yew

    Taxus Cuspidata - Yew

    Initial styling
  24. The roots on my yew

    The roots on my yew

    same as previous yew photo
  25. yew on scree

    yew on scree

    I rescued this from a rubble pile on a building site. I had to ask the geezer with the bull dozer to wait while i got the tree.
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