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  1. Backwardsvg

    Learning Black Hills Spruce

    So I did it again, went to HD and found a nice black hills spruce for $15 originally $75 I believe. I dug a bit around the base and took the picture and dug a bit more to find even more mass below that. I did not want to dig any deeper but i assume it continues. Trying to learn from mistakes...
  2. Backwardsvg

    Blue spruce HELP!

    Hello all! I got a beautiful thick blue spruce today for like 10 bucks at HD. I am wondering is now a good time to do a repot / chop. Would you break it up or wait till spring etc? I’d love to get it out of this clay muck this year but if it’s not the time it’s not the time! @rockm @Leo in N E...
  3. Backwardsvg

    Moss propagation

    I have what I believe is silver thread moss. Seems to grow in full sun and is a very short compact moss. I collected a bit and want to now have it continue to grow. Does anyone have any good ways to propagate it? I’ve heard like a buttermilk slurry and spraying that as well as a few others...
  4. Backwardsvg

    Backwards Mugo 3

    Here is my discount Mugo from today I tried to do the @Vance Wood way. I went through and gently combed out some roots, I tried to barely touch them/ I did not really do much root pruning. I know you can but I decided not to this time around. I found my front I like and only took off 1 major...
  5. Backwardsvg

    Collect Burning Bush?

    I have the opportunity to collect this burning bush and I’m wondering the best way to go about it. Some details: It is about 4-5 inches at the base it’s got a cool movement to it and has good low branching It is in pure sand I do currently have a burning bush in a bonsai training pot that...
  6. Backwardsvg

    Backwards Mugo 2

    Here is my second mugo. I have a good trunk so far, nice movement, but the typical octopus mugo look. I did an initial prune but think I can take off a bit more. I want to keep it about 1/3 reduction and then next year do a repot in a pond basket with a pumice lava mix. The roots are pretty...
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