zone 9a

  1. raenstorming

    What are good species for southeastern Louisiana (9a)’s summers and winters, not limited to natives or very common species?

    I know bald cypresses, yaupon hollies, Drummond red maples, and sweetgums are great (and easy for me to access). Pinus taeda are everywhere but I’m a bit sick of seeing them. There are lots of Viburnum dentatum in my yard, along with Vaccinium elliottii and V. arboreum. I’ve had blue atlas...
  2. electronfusion

    Growing Malus/Prunus In Hotter Zones

    To start off, I like to force things sometimes, even if it means much more effort in the long run. 😅 So rather than asking what I should be trying to grow where I live, I'm only asking advice about the how. I have lots of tropicals that live outside in summer and come inside under grow lights in...
  3. bobsai

    NV 9A Indoor Fukien leaves nearly gone

    I purchased my first bonsai January 13th and it looked amazing [pic 1], lots of very green leaves with the cat's tongue texture [pic 2]. I am using Green Green fertilizer biweekly in a pretty loose soil [pic 3]. I water when the top soil is dry, every 1-2 days, I have an artificial light set up...
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