1. YodaJordan

    Zuisho JWP Foliage (grafted/ungrafted)

    I have purchased some grafted Zuisho JWP as nursery stock, now I’m just going to increase size and ramification. Although there is 2 questions that stand out in my mind unanswered: 1) What is the difference in terms of foliage on a JWP Zuisho with grafted as opposed to ungrafted? (I’m guessing...
  2. Brian Van Fleet

    Zuisho White Pine

    David, New Thread...Glad your Zuisho is looking good. Mine is growing pretty well this year, candles were about 4"-5" long and are fully open now. A small, second flush is pushing. Somehow, it seems that last year I had less foliage growth, but the trunk about doubled in thickness. This...
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