2017 BSF/ABS Convention, May 25-29, 2017

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  1. Bonsai Nut

    Bonsai Nut Administrator

    OC, CA
    May 25 – 29, 2017
    Moving American Bonsai Forward
    The Florida Hotel, Orlando Florida

    Presented by the American Bonsai Society
    And the Bonsai Societies of Florida

    Thursday – Joshua Roth New Talent Competition and
    BSF Scholarship Competition
    Friday – A Day of Demo’s, in fact 14 Demo’s!
    Saturday & Sunday – 41 Seminars accommodates all
    instructional levels!

    Full details can be found HERE
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  3. Paradox

    Paradox Masterpiece

    Long Island, NY
    Memorial day weekend :eek::rolleyes:o_O
  4. Generic User

    Generic User Masterpiece

    Thought I would bump this thread...

    This year's event looks to be fun!
    And I gotta say it is nice that this year... finially, it is not to far from me. The ABS portion at least! I have been to Saratoga Springs, NY... to Sacramento, California...
    And Orlando is only an hour drive!

    I will be vending... doing 2 demos on Friday, and have a Tree accepted for the Exhibition.
    I know of one individual coming from Texas that got a tree accepted as well... Anyone else making the journey?
    Only about 15 minute drive from Disney...

    Suggest to the spouse... that the kids need to go see Mikey Mouse! Should be Alot of fun!
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