$30 Juniperus horizontalis first styling

Emil Brannstrom

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Vanersborg, Sweden

Just wanted to share a fisrt styling of a Juniper. Looks kinda shaggy and it isn't the perfect front. Didn't have time to wire everything but I might in a day or two...



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I need to see that puppy in a pot. I believe it should have been in a pot prior to styling. But hey what do I know ;)
If this is your first try it's not bad. I would suggest working more movement into the branches though.
lol, well I can't say it's my first (more like my 10th). That ugly "hanging" straight branch in the middle will get a makeover soon. Thanks for commenting!

Hello Emil,

I like your initial styling very much..... I think this tree has major potential,,,if, you are willing to wait and do the necessary things it will take to make this into a very nice tree...

As far as that hanging branch in the middle, you may want to swing that outwards a bit more. This is so it flows with the branch/apex above it. I included a virt in this reply.

Also, as far as what it will take to create a nice bonsai here is in regards to the middle branch, the one that I suggested to swoop out a bit more, it will need to thicken up quite a bit to make the tree look balanced. You can achieve this by letting most of the foliage on that branch grow, somewhat, freely for awhile. Leaving it somewhat unpruned will keep a lot of the energy flowing to the that area. This will thicken up that branch nicely. If you pich or pruen too much, it will slow it's growth down and may even weeken the branch further

Also, the tree shouldn't go into a bonsai pot for a while. It will need to grow into a grow pot for a couple of years to get it healthy and for that branch to thicken up...

I hope some of this was helpful...Once again, I think it's a very nice beginning..



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Thanks for the input October!

That's the "makeover" I was talking about! I made a newbie mistake of not anchoring the wire properly so I couldn't bend branch just as you suggested :eek:

Best regards
very nice start. yjis looks a bit like a pine tre Craig Coussins styled he named it big john. i think its in his book Master class. and on his website if memory serves me well!
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