A few for BSF 2009

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I have been pretty busy getting ready for the Bonsai Society of Florida Show next weekend in Orlando.

These are mostly medium small to medium pieces, and I have included a battery in the photos for scale. All these are midrange stoneware, cone 6 oxidation.

First a medium small oval, with a shino type glaze:


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There is so much talk of ovals on this board lately;)

Here is a pair of ovals, one medium textured and stained, the next is a shohin sized oval with one of my favorite aqua matt glazes:


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Here is a tall full cascade, a commissioned piece with rivets, texture and stain. I had to make some beefy feet for stability.


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Here is a set of small shohin sized rectangles:


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a primitive faceted medium cascade:


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I call the above glaze a shino type because of its appearance. It is really a simple glaze composed of Albany slip and fero frit glaze.

Thanks Rob!

I've been playing around with making my own glazes recently, doing my 1st test fire today.

Like the shape of the primitive faceted cascade!
I have been pretty busy getting ready for the Bonsai Society of Florida Show next weekend in Orlando.


So you are already selling professionally at conventions now.
How many potters are scheduled to be at BSF this year?


I'm not sure how many other potters are coming.
At BSF The last few years there have been one or two new potters items either for sale by them, or commissioned to others.

I've been seeing that pretty common at most shows.

I note this year at MidA there are two more potters selling than last year , a total of 5 now, plus other vendors selling pots commissioned or sold to them, plus, the chinese pot importers.

I see 3 potters at the PBA show, plus importers, etc.

Pretty soon there won't be any trees for sale, just potters. :mad: I'm looking forward to the next run of 6 mo. noobs getting into bonsai to sell imported cheap trees and Joshua Roth tools again to get the vending areas back to being rounded out!:rolleyes:

I'm following you guys posts pretty closely. I seem to have upset Boondock somewhere?:confused: and I can see many reasons why not to post wet pot after wet pot. It's simple....they aren't pots yet!

It is going to be interesting to see what happens with the 'free flow' of ideas, techniques and secrets once you all start selling! I already, after only a couple weeks, see you guys copying each others ideas. It's prety obvious that most of the new potters here do it for kicks and as a 'supliment' but it will be interesting to see how it goes when you all want to sell and you are all doing the same thing and posting them on the same boards.:)

Good luck at BSF, I hope the crowds improve this year over last and that the change in months won't effect the Florida crowd.

I look forward to seeing everyone there!
You know Dale, I understand your perspective.

I first got into the bonsai thing about 12 years ago, being totally inspired by the trees and demos at the BSF convention down in West Palm Beach, Florida. I was very impressed by the material that was showcased in the exhibit AND bazaar. Being a dabbler in ceramics at the time I was very interested in the pottery (HANDMADE) that was being sold.

Years went on. Still in bonsai (cuttings and plants up the wazoo!). I got really tired of wishing I could make my own pots. Somewhere down the line I got on here(internet) and LEARNED lots from some of you all. But I had to put those ideas of ceramics on hold. No studio to speak of. So I took a college course (audit) just to use the space and materials.

That was a few years ago. I am now working out of my OWN studio and I have sold a pot or two.
And come hell or high water, I AM going to continue doing this. I am currently teaching, and that is important (supporting family), but I absolutely LOVE making pots!

Let me give some credit where credit is due: I would not be here were it for three main things:
The good people at IBC(learning and sharing ideas), Sara Rayner(her inspiration), and Dale Cochoy(your inspiration and determination). I do owe a lot of gratitude to you all for helping me get to this point.
I have been wanting to get to this point for quite a long time, but in a lot of ways, I feel as if I haven't even started;)

So, Thank you.:)
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As usual, a nice selection of pots.

Glad to see you posting a few for our viewing pleasure.

I'll be looking for you at BSF.

Thanks Paul.

Maybe we will have better luck exchanging pots this time around:D

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Thanks Paul.

Maybe we will have better luck exchanging pots this time around:D


Absolutely, I'll make sure to bring a nice selection along with me. I was disappointed when I missed that opportunity at the Kawa function.

See you soon.

West Palm Beach BSF was my first BSF show. I've done every one since until this year. Mike Cartrett and several others in towns near there, are good friends of mine. Whenever I'm in town, or driving through, we go to CRAZY BUFFET with Mike and stuff ourselves on sushi!

Are you vending at BSF now too?

Ah yes CRAZY BUFFET. :D I used to work in one of the restaurants on that same street before I got my first teaching gig. But that was before it was CRAZY BUFFET. Back then it was a popular texmex place called Margharitas Y amigas, and my wife worked there, but that was before I met her.

Small world, huh :eek:
Rob, nice stuff once again...thanks for sharing your work with us.
Nice pots Rob,

Hope the turn out is good at BSF and you sell out.
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