A large Japanese maple

Bonsai Nut

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Charlotte area, North Carolina
If I only had this growing in MY backyard ;)

Now that's a maple,,,:eek:
My inlaws have a similar maple in their front yard. They have asked me if I wanted it.
I would like to grub it up,,,, but,,,,, I'm a little gun shy about just going at it and digging it up.
Any suggestions? I'll try to get a picture of it today,(its the Holiday thing).
If it is truly a large JM it is worth a lot of money. If my inlaws suggested the same, I would offer to replace it with another tree and provide the labor. If they don't want a tree there, make sure to understand how they want the area to look when you are done, and be prepared to level the hole, and top fill it with compost or other material. Consider sod (if in the yard) or offer to plant flowers or groundcover.

Now that the inlaws are happy, you want to make sure you don't kill the tree :) Definitely get a photo to share with us. How large is that puppy and how long has it been in the ground? At the minimum, I would recommend you undercut/trim the roots this Spring once it is budding out and leave it in the ground for a bit to recover. Provide more details and let's get some JM experts to respond (I only have one JM in the ground right now). Do you know the cultivar of JM? Zone 5a is a little cold for them so I am curious where they have it growing.
Same question as TreeKiller64, but for an Acer Palmatum Dissectum that has a probable 6" trunk base and no visible graft scar. I say probable as I have not finished clearing the lonicera, helix, azalea and cotoneaster growing in that area so I can not yet measure the base flare. As far as I know, the tree has been in that spot for more than 10 years.

Based on previous digs in that general area of my garden, there should be no vertical tap root. I have to dig it out this year or next year latest as this is an area we plan to totally redevelop over the next 3 years.
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