Acer truncatum


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Orléans, France, Europe
I thought I had posted about my Acer truncatum before, but apparently I haven't, so :

Seeds from the Maple Society seeds exchange.

A "Google translation" of what I posted on a French forum, won't bother to correct it, I just changed the links to the photos :

One of them :

Follow-up of experience with Acer truncatum.

Between early and mid-June, I totally defoliated, and cut a few shoots to 2 eyes. He quickly made new leaves (about 15 days, hot, but not hot):


Ah, a particularity to watch, it buds on the roots, like the campestre, and unlike the buerger or the palmatum.


Today (06 July), I cut the shoots too long, in fact, almost all that had to be reduced to 2 eyes:


First observation: the internodes are shorter, the leaves smaller. I think they will not develop much anymore, so I think that in one way or another, with the appropriate culture mode, the leaves can be reduced in an interesting way.


Second observation: the branch originally planned for a semi-cascade no longer seems so obvious. Shortening it would allow faster to build a classic triangle top.

But another option is to let it grow / prune this branch less often than the rest to allow it to get bigger, to get the taper before cutting shorter.

This is an alternative that allows time for reflection, the A. truncatum seems, a good point, heal well enough.

If I think about it and / or if I have the time I will post a comparative photo with another one let push freely. Otherwise, in the fall, I can not wait to see the colors - if the trees survive this completely unusual time.

For the record, seeds planted in 2016 :


August 2018 :


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