Advice about Phoenix graft

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Barcelona, Spain

I recently acquired a new olive that has a lot of deadwood. There is only a live vein on the trunk and all the branches came from there. As you can see in the pictures, the previous owner started to grow the tree in a pine shape.
The live vein on the trunk is visible in the second picture.
For the moment I won't do anything to the tree, it is not the time, but starting next season I plan to repot it and start modelling it in a different shape, to look more like an olive.

There are many new shots growing very close to the trunk, so I started to think about using one or 2 to create new live veins on the trunk and then new branches emerging from them. Like a tanuki, but with the whips coming from the same trunk... Somehow like a true Phoenix graft, giving a new life to the trunk.
Is this "acceptable" or is frowned upon? I would like to hear opinions about it.
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If you think doing a phoenix graft is cool then go ahead, no one will stop you. And if you think a phoenix graft is not cool, then that's okay too. What I'm trying to say is: it doesn't matter if other people think it stinks, it is your tree and it is in your garden. Right?

You could also graft a couple of those whips to the live vein and bring some of those branches in towards the front if you know what I mean. Of maybe the tree will pop buds, that's also possible. From the photo's I don't think there's a need to create new lifelines as it looks like your branches could come from the live vein. But then again, it's your tree ;)

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