Another Cute Kinnikinnick Mame


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Port Orchard, WA
I got a bunch of these little guys a few years ago when a local nursery was going out of business. They are a small local shrub/ground-cover, somewhat related to manzanita. They make great natural bosai.

There are two varieties that I know of: this is one of the less attractive variety. They are a bit tempermental, and although I had this guy mulched in nicely the lats few winters, this year he decided to lose his top. But now it's even more attractive! I haven't done a thing to it - it's just a pretty little thing all on its own. But now it's gonna need a much better pot. Enjoy.

4 1/2" tall, BTW. :)


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Thanks for posting the pic, grouper. The tree does look good. :) Best wishes with it.

I brought back a kinnikinnick (sp?) from Puyallup a few years ago, but it evidently didn't like our wetter climate: died within a year. I don't plan to try the species again here, but I enjoy seeing pictures of them as good bonsai.
I like it, I want to pay you to take pictures of my trees, your pics always look so good!
I like it, I want to pay you to take pictures of my trees, your pics always look so good!

You get them to me and let's make a deal for some glamor shots!

I did a tutorial over on BonsaiSite a few years back that lays out pretty well how I get such a nice look on my photos. It's really not very difficult, and doesn't necessarily require a lot of expensive gear.

Thanks, treebeard. I can't imagine your climate is a whole lot wetter than it is here ( :eek: ), but it probably IS a whole lot hotter in the summer and colder in the winter, which may be why this rather temperamental tree didn't do well. Sorry it doidn't make it - they are really great natural bonsai.
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