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Huntington, WV
Here is another JBP i have been working on. This one is much bigger. 3" base about 30" tall. There is a large partialy finished jin amidst the current apex. The branching is not established but will be when i carry out heavy pruning late winter/early spring. I have not planned on using any more sacrifice branching on the trunk but the branches will have to be ramified and most cut back hard and grown out due to lack of taper, straightness and long internodes. I plan on eliminating the current apex and refining the jin/new apex. I was considering either leaving the jin, after refinement, and using it as an apex in a more bunjin style, or use one of the new leaders developing above the jin to create a new apex. I'd like to hear some feedback.


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Here are the rest of the images including a VERY rough virt of where i would like to go. Branches are labeled(the B is back) the A is the apex and the 1st grade art is my rendering of the jin.


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Really nice trunk and bark. It's always hard to tell from pictures, but I'm not sure this tree would fit a classic bunjin tree.

Have you considered just pulling those bottom branches down a bit and having a fuller canopy than a bunjin? I think you could have a really nice pine if you do that. You might also want to pull one of the upper branches up as the new apex if you want to get more taper in the top half of the tree.
I'd agree. The great trunk isn't a really good candidate for a bunjin. A fuller silhouette and tiered branching system would work wonders for this tree.

Don't be hasty in making this a bunjin. It would be a waste.
I agree as well. The trunk looks thick and strong, frame it with some nice branching and needles. I would wire all the branches downward and close to the trunk, especially the bottom ones, and put some gentle curves into them. That's just what I would do.
Thanks very much for the input guys! I agree with all of you. That is why I included the "?" after Literati in the post title. The "virt" I attempted also looks more of an informal upright. I just didnt want to completely reject the idea of going that way before consulting some knowledgable folks. I plan on finishing the work (needle plucking) today or tomorrow so I will post another set of images in hopes to provide a better view and hopefully get some more input. Again, I greatly appreciate the insight and feedback.
In taking another look at your pictures, I think you can have a nice tree that is tall but without branches on the lower part of the trunk (not sure if that's what you meant by literati). I tend to like pines that show off more of the lower trunk versus those that have branches almost down to the ground level.

Here are a couple of Walter Pall's pines that show off the lower trunk that I wouldn't consider literati:
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