Any harm in Foliar feeding after repotting?


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Columbus, OH
I'm familiar with the axiom of not fertilizing your trees for a few weeks after repotting (aside from some Osmocote mixed into the soil) to avoid damaging the roots that are already under stress, but what about spraying the trees with foliar feed? I suppose "finished" trees don't need any extra encouragement, but my trees are all about 10-20 years from that stage. If I'm repotting these guys every year or two, that means they are off their spring feeding regimine every other year at least, leading to a loss in growth potential. (I realize that the act of root pruning and repotting does a lot to produce vigorous growth all by itself, but every little bit helps.)

So, is there anything about foliar feeding during this stage that would be particularly harmful or counter-productive to the trees after a repot?

On a similar track, would foliar fertilizing help or hurt new cuttings? How about trees that have just undergone a major bonsai styling (removing many branches and much foliage in the process)?

I guess my reasoning is that foliage feed seems like a good idea to use on anything you'd be inclined to mist with water anyway; i.e. any tree needing to compensate for the loss of "intake," be it root or foliage mass.

Oh, and before Will chastises me again, here's a link to the same question on another forum (guilty as charged).
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At risk of sticking my neck out here:

There are many myths in horticulture and I believe whitholding fertilizer after transplant or root work is one of them. The other (wich has been shown in studies) is that phospherous and "root stimulators" like IBA/NAA and B1 enhance root growth. It has been shown that what encourages root growth other than good practices is acually high levels of nitrogen and these products can acually inhibit root growth on root tissue.

After barerooting and rootpruning I always use a full strenth fish emulsion/seaweed extract right after and then in 2 weeks I use a full strenth miracle grow high nitrogen and then thereafter on a regular 10 day scedule. I mist the plants when it is not foggy but I do not beleive it is neccessary to foliar feed (I do foliar feed with cuttings with a weak solution). If you repot at the right time of year the plant has much stored nutrients in its buds wich it can live off of untill its back in buissness again with its root system. The main reason to mist is for plant hydration. Now keep in mind these are trees in development so I want rapid growth and I have not lost a tree yet. "KOW":eek:

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