Any reco's for articles/youtubes that have advanced wiring tech's/tricks/etc?


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FL (Tampa area / Gulf-Coast)
I was definitely slow getting-into proper wiring but a few months ago I considered myself "there" insofar as I could wrap branches with great ease and found "my groove" so far as pre-bending branches and wiring even thicker stuff into-place (with guy-wires to help it hold when needed....still haven't had to use my raffia)

The problem is that, so far as "tips & tricks", I'm basically limited to:

- wire 2 branches with the same wire so you can anchor each off the other,

- make sure the wire is wrapped clockwise/counter-clockwise depending on desired branch-angle,

- first wrap is over/under the branch depending if you want it to go upward/downward, and.....that's about it!

I can recall (but cannot find) a youtube wherein the person was describing general 'methods' for approaching wiring (one was to bring lower branches downward, and higher branches downward- I cannot recall if it was a species-specific recommendation, I simply wire stuff to meet other stuff for future 'pads', not in a "topiary sense" but just areas where I'll have dense foliage pads....had thought 'pads' was the right word but on other forums have seen people interpret that as a topiary-esque approach..)

Any & all articles, youtubes etc that you guys&gals could recommend me would be supremely appreciated, just picked up 90' of wiring that I"m about to prep (strip, anneal- I get the 15' electrical copper at home depot, I know it's a PITB for most but I just watch youtubes while stripping my wire / letting the hibachi get to temperature, and that's that and I've then got 90' of wiring for <$20, as (2) packs of 3-strand 15' cabling is 90' total, I go half 14g and half 12g, and just get 10g straight off the roll as I don't use much 10g!)

Thanks a ton for anything, even if you don't think it's "advanced" I'd still love to check it out, though the more 'advanced' and more specifics it has, the better :D
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