Are bugs picky eaters?

Jo Ann

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New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA
This summer I’ve noticed a strange observance concerning attacking insects. I have 5 bougainvillea I’ve been growing. Their just stock shrubs at the moment. I’ve just sprayed them today for the 3rd time this summer with a systemic insecticide. I’m not exactly sure what’s chewing on them but I do suspect some type of a larva of some sort. I keep finding the new growth at the tips chewed and today some webbing. I’m pretty sure its not spidermites to much rain and humidity here. The thing I find a little weird is that whatever is chewing on the plants only eats the bougainvillea with solid green leaves. Two of the bougainvillea are variegated and never get so much of a nibble. Is it possible the lack of chlorophyll in the leaves tastes bad to some insects?

Jo Ann
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