Asia/Pacific Bonsai Friendship Federation, 2020 Exhibition, May 27-28, Mokpo Korea

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Charlotte area, North Carolina

The Asia Pacific Bonsai Friendship Federation (ABFF) was established in Manila on February 28th, 2003 and coincided with the ASPAC VII conducted by the Philippine Bonsai Society, Inc. The federation members include The Philippine Bonsai Society, Inc., Thai Bonsai Association, Malaysia Bonsai and Suiseki Society, Vietnam Natural and Traditional Beauty Association, Taiwan National Bonsai Association, Korea Small Bonsai Association (note: now replaced by Korea Shoshin Bonsai Association), Singapore Penjing & Stone Society and Indonesian Bonsai Society.

More details coming soon!! Mark your calendars!

Bonsai Nut

Nuttier than your average Nut
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Charlotte area, North Carolina

Sadly this event has been postponed due to coronavirus concerns. We will update as soon as new information is available.
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