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Alton, IL
I ordered a Buttonwood from this guy on 11/10/2010 and paid for it the same day through PAYPAL. I contacted the seller concerned that the weather here was getting kind of cold so he agreed that it would be sent the following Monday, 11/16/2010 in an insulator box. When I contacted him to ask if he had shipped the item, he stated that he would ship "when the payment cleared". Knowing that PAYPAL payments clear almost immediately, I sent him a copy of the transaction. He checked and found that it was a problem on his end not linking his PAYPAL account to EBAY, or some such. He then offered to include another tree free of charge for my trouble and I accepted that offer.

I don't know if this happened because his wife shipped it to someone else. He then offered to send me a "better" tree on December 2nd.

It is now, December 6th and I have not heard from him for 4 days now. The weather is too cold for shipping Buttonwoods and expect them to survive now. Keep in mind, had he sent it the Monday after ordering it would have survived just fine. Due to his deplorable customer service, I have escalated the issue to eBay for a full refund.

Just a friendly warning: Avoid eBay seller grbonsaipr located in San Juan, PR
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