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Hey all. I recently received a bald cypress forest consisting of 5 trees several weeks ago. Growth has seemingly progressed since I’ve gotten them, however some of the leaves are starting to yellow, along with some of the tips turning brown. Originally I did not like the orientation of the grouping, so I repotted them in a plastic window pot with drainage holes that I drilled. The soil is a mixture of coco coir, bonsai soil and then Wigerts organic soil as well that was originally sent with the potted trees. I get very contradicting information regarding the watering of these trees. I have an app on my phone that diagnoses diseased plants (not sure how trustworthy the diagnosis is), but I’ve also read that some people will just completely submerge these trees in water considering they’re a swamp dwelling species. The soil constantly stays wet as I water daily. I live just outside of Lexington KY so temps here recently are hovering around 60-80 right now and they’re in a spot where they only receive direct morning/early afternoon sun so I would imagine they couldn’t be drying out. Thank you for any and all advice provided!
Watering sounds good.
Yellow leaves can often be nutrient deficiency or lack of light.
What fertiliser are you using? Trees in pots only have access to the nutrients we provide unlike trees in the ground where roots can go searching and the soil provides most nutrients. Use any complete fertiliser every 2-3 weeks for good growth and better colour.
Assuming these trees are kept outdoors? BC do not like indoor conditions and are likely to suffer from lack of sun and fresh air. You have morning sun which should be enough for BC

Other yellow possibilities are soil pH and/or iron deficiency (which are usually related) The soil mix you used should be reasonably neutral pH but mains water can be high pH and can change the soil pH so may be worth checking. Chelated iron is usually recommended to address iron deficiency but Iron should also be available in any complete fertiliser. Bringing pH back to neutral also helps release any iron in the soil for the roots.
The color of your foliage looks completely normal. Young foliage is often lighter in color. These trees should be outside in full sun unless it’s super hot(over 95F). I have always kept mine standing in water and often don’t even use pots or soil other than to keep them upright. . I have yet been able kill one and the only damage has come from letting them dry out which caused foliage to die but regrew when watered. I would get the trees separated while young. Otherwise you’ll need to cut the roots to seperate them later. The trees are planted very close to each other. They tolerate brutal root pruning esp if grown in water. Either way should be ok. For forest composition I recommend growing trees individually first then build the composition once the trees are developed.

In a healthy environment these trees will add 1-2 feet of growth and 1/2” of girth per season. I have four year old trees that are 2” in diameter.

Growing Taxodium is gratifying because of the fast girth development. They are extremely apicslly dominant and look weird with movement IMO.
Looks like you are learning so have fun with it and don’t listen to too many opinionated people like myself.

Mats H
I am also outside of Lexington and mine show the same yellow on some branches. One cannot kill a BC with water: Mine sit in water . Don't worry, they are doing fine.
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