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Mooresville, NC - USA
Hello everyone. I have posted pics of this bald cypress before that i got from Seth E. last year, and have decided on which way i want to go with it. I know i need to repot into a better soil, and will probably put it into a little smaller growing container. I also want to carve the tree out on the side that is dead. Here is a pic of one i saw after i came up with the plan. The first two are pics of mine. Anyway, health is the main thing, so how should i go about working the tree? Since i want to change it from potting soil to bonsai soil, and clean out any roots, and carve the tree, when should i do the carving? Before repotting, next year? Should it stay in the same size container, or can i start reducing the rootmass, and put into a somewhat finished pot? Thanks in advance.


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Carving before repotting is good because an established tree is more stable and less susceptible to vibrations and pressure. Nice BC!
Thanks alot Brian. So you would carve it and repot in the same spring? If so, im gonna carve this week, and repot in about a month or so, unless i see that i need to sooner. Thanks again for clarifying it for me.
Second. Carving most definitely before repotting. I say wait one season after the carving to get some growth and healing going on before cutting it's roots, but that's sort of your call. Good luck! That bad boy should be a fun project. Can't wait to see what you end up with after carving.

Here is a short thread of a redwood I carved out similarly;
Nice work Brian. Thats exactly what im talking about. Ive got a couple cove boring bits, and some burrs, but nothing to take alot of wood out yet, so im gonna see how hard it is, and decide if i need another bit. Ive been looking at the ones from Dale Cachoy's place, i should have gotten a couple last year when i saw him at PBA. Anyway, thanks for the inspiration, and ill put up some pics along the way.

That Pond Cypress was originally carved by Ken Duncan and John Geanangle at one of Randy's summer open houses 10 or 15 years ago. If I recall correctly, Randy then repotted it the following spring. The wood was pretty soft at the time of carving and I would venture to say that it keeps getting softer.

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