Barberry Cascade


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Mooresville, NC - USA
Hello everyone. I have a Berberis Thunbergii Bagatelle that i am going to work into a cascade style. I took the smaller branches off last week. I left a 1" stub on each branch to redirect the flow up the trunk. Is it the wrong time of year, or has too much been done already to start reducing the length of the main branch, or wait to see if its growing good in the spring, then would that be the time to start pruning the stubs back, and the branches, or do one at a time, with what kind of time in between? Its really hot here now, and am not sure if it should just recover from removing the other branches to get ready for winter, or wait until fall? Thanks for any input.


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Now is the wrong time to be hard pruning much of anything. Trees (and other plants) have ceased their most active growing cycle in favor of storing reserves for next winter. The most active growth period ends in June at the summer solstice. Days have already begun growing shorter telling plants to start to prepare for fall and winter.

If you hard prune now, you could risk dieback on the main branch, and/or losing new branching that won't have time to properly harden off for winter.

Patience is its own reward...
Thanks alot rockm, thats what i was thinking, but wanted to make sure i wasnt waiting for nothing. I have no problem waiting until next spring, as long as the tree is doing good, or longer if needed. Thanks again for the advice.
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