Bay Area Bonsai Associates 2019 show - crashes into Oakland marathon.


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Marina, CA
The BABA show traditionally has some of the best trees exhibited in the San Francisco Bay area, and I looked forward to taking my wife and spending a quiet Sunday morning with the trees. The show has an unusual schedule, opening Saturday evening, then all day Sunday. What we didn't know about was that 10,000 runners in the Oakland marathon and half marathon were starting and finishing at the same tiny park as the show site. Road closures started at 7 am and some critical roads to reach the show are closed until 4 pm. We were actually trapped in downtown Oakland with no open roads to get to the site, or leave to go home. If we had reached the site I'm sure there was no parking to be had. We sat for most of an hour waiting for runners to thin out before the police finally let us out to get home. Still couldn't get to the show site. Huge disappointment.

I wonder if anyone associated with the show checked on competing events? I'd be surprised if even their club members managed to get there today. I'm sure it destroyed attendance, unless there's a decent overlap between marathon runners and bonsai enthusiasts. Perhaps others will be more creative in how they get there.
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