Best of British Bonsai 2011

Hello Bonsai Basho.. All the trees are amazing. The korean homrbeam raft and the informal upright white pine are just astounding!!!!
Be interesting to see that Yew and Cemetarys composition in one shot.
thanks for the link! some those trees are stunning! I'll definitly have to travel up to next years show :)
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Best of British 2011

Thanks for the comments guys, I will post another couple of galleries very soon. Bonsai in the Uk is haveing a tough time commercially - we are all a bit short of cash courtessy of our shamless banks. However, we have a crop of dyed-in-the-wool obsessive Bonsai guys who can as you see turn out some great trees. We also have some top rate pro's like Peter Warren, Kevin Willson and a few others.

The graveyard was from Simon Temblett, it was also shown at Noelanders. Sadly I couldn't get a shot taking it all in because the ailses between the show benches were too narrow.

i'll root around for some more pics for you
Is the hawthorn displayed backwards? It looks like the back of the tree is facing forward.
With regards to British bonsai suffering lately due to a shortage of cash, maybe its not only the banks that are shameless having seen some of the prices expected from some dealers........
Shameless Dealers.......

Well Bones that is true there are good, and there are bad. The secret is to find your own good material, learn well and make good bonsai or get to know good people you can turst not to overcharge.
Those shortages happen here as well, I personally know a business that has shuttered, only took him 4 years, but it is a hard business, and a tough time to start one. I was saying in general, theh UK puts up some good stuff.:cool:
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