Best time to collect cherry.


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I noticed some of what appear to be Yoshino Japanese cherry trees growing wild the other day, that were all flowered out by a pond I walk by on occasion. I was wondering since its probably too late to dig them out now seeing as they're flowering and active, what time of the year would be best now. I would like to preferably wait until next spring (assuming they have a sufficient root ball to be excavated to begin with), but the area they are located is highly traveled by people walking by/fishing so I kind of worry about them being trampled or snapped if I wait until next year. I only have a small amount of experience with collecting wild specimens so any help on timing would be greatly appreciated.

The foliage seems to just be starting to form, so collecting before the foliage breaks isn't possible this year. That why I was wondering if it would be too detrimental to the tree if i was to collect it when its further along once the leaves harden off???
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You can successfully collect any time of the year if you take enough time and care. After the leaves come out that often means taking a large root ball and burlaping it before you move the tree so the roots are hardly disturbed. That takes a lot of work and some skill so you may want to wait. After the trees go dormant in the fall is also a good time so you don't have to wait until next spring.
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