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Is there a better way to add hyperlinks? If I click on the button above to add a link I am presented with a box to paste the URL. It would be nice to be able to add that URL as a link in a word.

For example here is a link to BonsaiNut : using the link above.

Here is a better way to post the same link. On other forums the same button above brings up a window that says "Enter the text to be displayed for the link (optional):" In this example I put the word "Here". Once you do that and click OK a new window opens allowing you to post the actual URL to be linked. It's simple enough to add the linked word in simple code but...

Does this make sense? I'm just trying to find an easier way to hide the http stuff.

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You can do this currently on the site - and I think it is faster than the pop-up box.

Type the text you want to be the link. Then highlight the text, and click the "insert link" box. Type in the URL, and when you hit ok the link will be complete.

For example if I want the word "Graydon" to be my link, I type "Graydon", highlight it, press the "insert link" box, type in "" and I have:


This feels more natural to me, because you can type the entire sentence and go back and add links later. For example I can say - "visit the great bonsainut site here" and I don't have to stop typing to insert the link (until the end).
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