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central florida
while applying a cast to a poor kid's broken arm the other day, i got to thinking. could you put a cast on a big tree limb that you want to bend??? has anyone ever tried it?
When bending large limbs although not applying a "cast" perse, you definitely put the limb in splints prior to bending. So no we don't use a cast but definitely apply first aid :D
I would think the plaster wouldn't last long in an enviroment where the tree is constantly watered. And if it did I'd hate the see the bark loss to removal of the cast.
Depending on the size of the branch I've always found a 'Spanish Windless' the best way to go about it. Safest too. Each time you 'wrench' it you are only taking up the slack it gives you plus a little more. Also pretty easy.

what is a "spanish windless"?

researching now how to bend an "unbendable" thick buttonwood branch. looking at cutting a wedge and doing it that way. Jerry Meislik's book "Ficus" says that you can cut several wedges at the same time.....
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