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Hans van Meer

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Hi everybody,
I thought the next bit of info could be of some importance to the Bnut community.
Hans van Meer.

Press Release

As from 1st June, BONSAI FOCUS has withdrawn its permission for Stone Lantern Publishing, USA, to sell subscriptions and renewals for BONSAI FOCUS magazine.

All subscriptions and renewals taken by Stone Lantern Publishing between 1st January 2008 and 1st June 2008 will be honored by BONSAI FOCUS, who will also take full responsibility towards its customers regarding anything arising from these subscriptions during this period.

Should subscribers have any questions concerning their subscription, they can e-mail BONSAI FOCUS via our website: or

Or call our new US telephone number:

(+1)** 703-738-9965 Office hours: 9 am – 5 pm (East Coast, English speaking assistants)

BONSAI FOCUS, the largest Bonsai Magazine in the West, has an exclusive agreement of co-operation with KINBON magazine Japan, is now present in 54 countries and available in six different languages.

Bonsai Focus, June 2008
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