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Cental Coast of California
Long before I was interested in bonsai, this tree on the rock caught my eye years ago when I was backpacking. Wish I had more photos. I'm thinkng that is probably a lodge pole pine (Pinus contorta).


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Very cool. I happen upon trees like those while getting lost in the Trinity Alps. Once you reach a high enough altitude, everything begins to shrink and become more scarce, seeming to be clinging to the edge of life. Very good inspiration indeed.
wow, I really like that. Beautiful picture thanks for sharing.
Should be pretty easy enough to collect, just have to bring the whole rock back to the car! :D

Beautiful photograph Barry, thanks for sharing. Looks like paradise to me!
Another wonderful example of mother nature.
Looks like the stand (forest) in the background is dying from perhaps a beetle infestation.
Merced River?

Nope. Truthfully I don't recall where this location is. I think it might be Jenny Lake out of Courtright Reservoir. It has been about thirty-five years with a lot of backpacking trips since then. Those trips tend to get jumbled in my memory but I'm pretty sure there were mosquitoes present!
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