Bonsai Namaste - National Show India, Feb 22-25, 2018

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    Bonsai Namaste started out as a dream of three individuals; Prajakta Kale, Sucheta Avadhani and Kamini Johari in 2011. Their vision was to unite Bonsai enthusiasts, across India and around the world, under the brand ‘Bonsai Namaste.’ This brand allows Bonsai lovers to display their work, meet fellow Bonsai enthusiasts and take part in workshops of distinguished Bonsai masters.

    The Bonsai Namaste Show has grown tremendously in a short period of time:
    • The Bonsai Namaste Convention will spread over 10 Acres for 4 Days full of activities.
    • The Bonsai Exhibition will be in league with International Bonsai Standards.
    • Exhibition is open for all artists and groups in India for displaying their beautiful bonsai creations.
    • The space for display will be free of cost to all registered participants.
    • Free Workshops and demonstrations under World Class Experts for registered attendees.
    • Enjoy delicious food from a variety of stalls in a large food arena at the Convention.
    More Information HERE
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