Bonsai Retreat, Topeka, KS

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Ottawa, KS
You've been feeling it. Cabin fever. You know you want to work on your trees but they are in cold storage for the winter and you just can't get at them. With the early hard snows, this has been a tough winter, but spring is on the way. What better way to break the back of winter than in a bonsai get-together in our own back yard?

Frank Kroeker has taken up residence in Topeka, Kansas, and we have come up with a way to kick off the new bonsai year and set the tone!

Dates: Friday, March 26 through Sunday, March 28
Headliner: Boon Manakitivipart, other guests to be announced

Folks, this is a rustic retreat hidden away in east Topeka, and in some ways it reminds me a little of "Dirty Dancing" for its atmosphere of huge old trees, cabins, etc. It's very close to Kansas City, Wichita, Des Moines, etc. and looks to be a relaxing, fun time for all.

The premise will be "bring your own," although material will be available for sale. Boon will be doing a demo and a couple of half-day sessions, and the registration will cover room and board as well as admission to the weekend.

Please contact me for more information. I'd love to meet new folks from the area as well as seeing some old friends both online and those I've met in real life!

The exciting thing about this is the laid-back nature of the event. You can bring your own, or purchase trees to work on, or just work on trees from Frank's nursery for the benefit of Boon's instruction.

There is no maid service, so bring your own bedding and towels, but all meals and lodging are included! What fun!​
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