Bonsai Society of Portland - Fall show

Darn. I'm gonna be in Seattle next week, but that's as close as I will get. Make sure you take some photos and share with the group!!
I hope some people were able to go. I was there on Friday afternoon to set up and the colors this time of the year are absolutely stunning! Here are some pictures...

first picture shows one of my trees - a kingsville boxwood

I spent two hours on Friday getting the beech grove ready for Scott Elser - mainly defoliating












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WOW! Those amazing pictures are a treat to wake up with, thank you so match for that!
They remind me of the wonderful time I had last May visiting this magical place with my friend Jason! It was breathtaking than, but it must be absolutely mind blowing with all these Fall colors now!
Give us more!!!!:D
Hans van Meer.
Really nice. Thank you for sharing. I miss the rain - I think it last rained here in May(?) June(?) I love seeing all the green and the moss. Very nice quality photos and artistic compositions!
I'm going back today to help with take down but I will get there early and take pictures of the displays.
Wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing.
I gotta ask, what are you using for a camera?
The color and crispness are fantistic.
Thanks again.
Excellent photography.

Looks like a great show with a boat load of quallity trees.

Thanks for taking the time to post.

Thanks for the comments...

I use a canon XTI digitial SLR camera with the kit lens. The trick is in the post processing using photoshop to bring out the best the picture has to offer. Knowing how to use the camera also helps a lot
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I just had to bump this thread. Great trees. Great Photos. Thanks buddhamonk.
Thanks for bumping this thread back up Ryan. I saw it for the first time today. This is a great show! The photography is fantastic. Thanks for sharing the show here with us Buddhamonk!
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